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Are you always dreading the moment your alarm clock goes off and you have to get up to start the same old routine, day in and day out? Going to work and having to face the traffic or maybe having to make sure your dog is securely locked out so that no one hears it eating with over-enthusiasm from their bowl.


Are you getting tired and lacking energy by 1pm and wishing the day was already over, only to look at the clock and realising there's still a lot to go? If this sounds like you, I can tell you that there are better ways to experience life! Easy, simple and fast ways to change your perspective on life, manage your emotions and have more inner peace to help you live a great life!

 Mindfulness is the answer that you've been looking for!

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the concept of paying attention to the present moment, on purpose and absent of judgement. Simple enough, right?

What can it help with?

Mindfulness has an enormous list of benefits, but these are some of my favourites:

  • improves focus and awareness
  • emotion regulation
  • stress management
  • calms the mind and releases tension in the body
  • reduces/eliminates intrusive thoughts 
  • more kindness, love and patience with oneself and others
  • less judgment, resistance ad resentment  
  • improves motivation and reduces procrastination
  • inner peace with an almost constant blissful sensation

If you are thinking that mindfulness is just for "those that have too much time on their hands" please know that you can do a mindfulness practice in less than five minutes (in one minute, even), if you are in a hurry!

Ways to practice mindfulness

Focus on your breathing with the 3-4-5 method

Take a deep breath in through the nose, hold for three seconds and let out the air through the mouth in four seconds. Repeat this five times.

Go for a walk and notice the world around you

Observe the colours of people's outfits, notice the smell of the flowers, the movement of the cars and the sounds of the birds singing.

Exercise and notice how you feel in your body

Yoga or simple stretches are great as a mindfulness practice. Notice the sensations in your body, how the energy flows through it and how you feel after completing the exercise.

Have a conversation and notice the other person's body language

This is a great way to connect deeply with the other person and can help you understand them better.


Follow a guided meditation on Youtube or on a meditation app and allow yourself to let go and release some tension.

Meditation doesn't have a right way. Whichever way you go about it is just perfect because you are making an effort and investing time in yourself. Light up a candle, create a cosy and comfy environment and follow along with the guided audio. 

Journal your thoughts

Journaling can be very relaxing and helps to empty out the mind of intrusive thoughts, giving you the opportunity to look at them from a different perspective. This can help you reframe them and minimise their power over your life. 

The tense and release exercise

You can do this if you only have one minute to spare. Simply take an extra deep breath in, hold and, as you hold, contract every single muscle of your body, from your toes to your eyebrows. Hold for as long as you can and then release and relax your whole body. 

Notice now how you feel much more relaxed, and even what might've been some thought that was troubling you, is no longer and you observe your clear and relaxed, almost relieved mind. This exercise can be done literally anywhere and no one needs to know!

If you are in an anxious situation where you could use a bit of loosening up, simply clench the muscles that you can without been noticed by anyone. You'll feel in control of your body and your emotional state.

Try a few or all of the exercises mentioned and you'll start to feel less judgmental, more in control of your emotions and with better self-awareness. You'll see your relationships improve as you pay attention in a more active manner and you'll feel at peace with yourself. 

Remember, at the end of the day, in order for you to perform your best, you have to give yourself the best; choose yourself, nurture yourself, rest and invest in your well-being.

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