Make ‘someday’ today

Have you ever thought or said “someday I’ll get around to doing that - read a book, take a break, catch up with friends, write a book even! Change my career, lose weight, bottoming the daily to-do list, bottoming the big to-do list, declutter, make time for myself”.


I have heard this conversation many times - and it’s usually said with great feeling and some frustration or longing, often followed by some self-chat that people have to then tell themselves “no I can’t do that” (well not today anyway - maybe tomorrow!).

What are the main things that hold us back?

What I’ve learnt through my own experiences and from coaching with a variety of people, is that there are a number of reasons why this is. The following have shown themselves to be among the most “popular” obstacles or reasons that come up frequently.

Where do I start?

The motivation is there, the want to make a start is there and maybe the determination, and yes, even the knowledge of what we “should” be doing. But it still doesn’t happen. So why? It all sounds such a great idea and we know that we will feel much better, and get a sense of satisfaction when we’ve at least begun.

We can even visualise it happening sometimes - getting fit, looking fabulous in that dress or those trousers, starting the new job… It all seems such a huge mountain to climb and no instructions or a map to follow! 

I just can’t do it - I’m not good enough

Ever had that feeling, I just can’t do it, it’s not possible? That critical inner voice, feeling of anxiety, comparing yourself to other people, listening to critical people, a deeply held belief for whatever reason feels very real to you, or “well I’ve tried something similar before and I failed”?


That habitual putting off of doing something because, well that’s what always happens! Always put off today that you could do tomorrow! Oh - that’s not quite how the expression is supposed to go…

There may be many things that lie beneath the surface of why we procrastinate and it can be quite deep rooted and something that many of us are very well practised at.

I haven’t got time

Time sometimes feels quite elastic or it can seem limited or it goes slowly or at superspeed. What’s the real story we tell ourselves when we say we haven’t got time to start or do this thing that is really so very important to us?

Fear - the “what if?”

The negative self-talk and backchat when the 'what if' ends badly! How can we identify and confront what the fear is and how we can and will get past it?

Taking that first step

So how do we take that first step, to create or revisit new useful habits, build that feeling of self-worth and belief, discover a way to find the time, say and know that “I can do it - or at least I can try”, what would happen if we finished the “what if” sentence with - “What if today is when I take that first small step and do something for me that feels fantastic?”

Ask yourself:

  • What’s making this feel important right now?
  • What's making this such a hard thing to do or start?
  • When will the right time be?
  • How will you give a few kind words to yourself (because it’s OK, you are allowed!) to provide space, make a start and not regret that you haven’t begun already?

I have often found that the discomfort of stepping out of the limits of our own personal comfort zone is more rewarding, and feels better than the frustration of inaction, in fact, it can be both energising and liberating!

Are you curious to discover more to make today that someday? To make a start and take the first step and all of the many steps after that. I would really like to hear from you. Thank you for reading. 

We gain courage and wisdom from every instance in which we stop to look fear in the face.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

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Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17
Written by Clare Snape, Life and Career Coach - Gain clarity for your future path
Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17

I offer coaching for people who want to increase confidence, stop procrastination, create and make the changes they want - starting today, not someday. Providing support and challenge to move outside of the comfort zone we all linger a little longer in at times, and turn reflection, hopes, aspirations and goals into creating action and reality.

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