Make changing habits a habit

How many habits do you have that you wish you didn’t?

How many habits do you have in mind that you wish you had?

Well how about making changing habits in to a habit.

Many unwanted behaviours we do are through habit such as: over-eating, biting our nails, thinking negatively about ourselves or others, and even worrying.

So how would it be to change those?

The key is to be clear what your new habit will be like. For example, what will you do instead of over-eating? What will you replace that behaviour with?

Make this alternative habit sensory rich. Think about:

  • What will you look like when you are doing the new habit?
  • What will other people see you doing when you are doing the new habit?
  • How will people be acting towards you when you are doing it?
  • What will you hear when it’s going well?
  • What will you be saying to yourself when it’s going well?
  • What will people be saying about you when it’s going well?
  • How will you feel when you are doing this great new habit?
  • How will it make other people feel?

Make your answers to those as detailed as possible.

Now the simple process begins which is:

Do your new habit and repeat, repeat, repeat!

A good rule of thumb is to make sure you do your new habit at least 30 times, such as for 30 days in a row if it’s something you’ll do daily. This level of repetition will make it stick.

Now what if you did this with a different habit every month? Think about it, that’s twelve new habits over the next year - amazing!

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