Love is not a word

L – O – V – E.

Oh how we take these four letters for granted. Often we hear: I love London. Or: I love that film. Or: I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Merriam-Webster, Cambridge, Oxford and Google’s dictionaries all have definitions for what the word ‘love’ is in various parts of speech.

Now, ignoring the dictionary definition, try to put into words what you feel love is.

In your description you will find that your own definition may not fit any dictionary’s definition.

This is because LOVE IS NOT A WORD!

Love transcends tenses and dictionary blurbs. Love surpasses all parts of speech and cannot be limited to a noun. The walking, living, breathing embodiment of my love cannot be described in a word.

In my humble opinion, love cannot be defined (apologies English scholars). You can however spot love on display a mile away.

A mother’s gentle cuddle as she consoles and nurses her injured child. The intense and palpable passion in a look shared between lovers, young and old. Expressions of love take different forms, and can be recognised without needing a generic dictionary definition to tell us what it is.

Think of love as a shut door. You may have had a glimpse through the window, or peeked through the door knob, or even to listened through the space under the door. Until you decide to walk through the door and experience love in its entirety, you'll never understand what love truly is.

Life is love. Love is in the air we breathe, the water we drink, scents we dab on to our bodies - everything. The reason you are able to read this post is because someone had enough love and patience to teach you to read.

And so next time, when you have the urge to say "I love McDonald's", take a minute and think. Because love is so much more.

What does love mean to you? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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London, Hackney, E9
Written by Ayesha Giselle Dornelly, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist
London, Hackney, E9

Welcome, My name is Ayesha Giselle, Confidence & Resilience Expert, Life Coach,  Clinical Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist & Anxiety UK Therapist. Young adults, ambitious professionals and overwhelmed millennials turn to me when they want to build their confidence and self-resilience to...

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