Life Karma

How did I end up with the life I have?

Sometimes it is hard to figure out who dealt you the hand of cards you have today. Perhaps you have been struggling in your life, or are finding some area of it really hard and you want to understand how you came to be here. Well here is a simplified version of what happens.

Basically, it's like this, we are all souls, and when we are souls in heaven we know what it feels like to be connected to unconditional love, although this is thoroughly enjoyable we yearn to have experiences of what it feels like to be something else, this really helps our soul grow and progress. So we make a plan based on our Karma (what we have done to others in previous lives) and decide what we would like to experience in our next life, the people we meet, the situations we will be in and the type of life we will have. Our soul then enters a body and we are born on earth.

We then carry on with our lives and we go about achieving what we set out to achieve and experiencing what we decided to experience. All the things we got to choose before we came here are limited to our Karma - what we have done to people in past lives. So if in this life we hurt someone, we may have to agree to have that experience done back to us, the same if we are kind and generous to someone that too will come back around to us.

Now when we are made, The Universe gave us a special gift, the gift of FREE WILL. This means that at any time we want, we can actually come off our chosen path of experiences and have our Karma forgiven, so we can have completely different more loving experiences. The key here is to THINK. We are all able to think, and even if we are tied down in a job we don't like, in a relationship we don't want to be in, or with bad health, THINKING can actually change it all around.

Did you realise that based on what you think, is how you have what you do in your life? When you THINK it leads to how you FEEL, How you FEEL leads to how you ACT, Your ACTIONS lead to the RESULTS in your life.

So, if you want to change your life, to get to the cause, you must change your thoughts, this will lead you to becoming more conscious, more aware and any negative karma you would have had to experience can begin to change.

What next steps will you take to THINK your way out of your negative life karma?

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