Life isn't like a box of chocolates

Unlike Forrest Gump stated in the film, life isn't like a box of chocolates. After all, most boxes of chocolates come with a key; the little card with pictures of each flavoured chocolate on it. If life was like that we'd at least have a clearer view of what we were supposed to be looking for in life and what parts of it we should be looking out for. Most of us drift through life, occasionally coming across the odd chocolate and unwrapping it if we get the chance - more by luck than judgement.

What would it be like for you if you did have your own key? How would it be to have a piece of card that you could look at and think: "Ok, today I'm going to have that milk chocolate one with the nutty centre"? Now, imagine that nutty-centred chocolate is a certain goal you wanted in life; if it says it'll be milk chocolate with a nutty centre then you would know what you are going to get. You can do this for yourself.

What things do you want to happen in your life? With your life's "selection box", what goals would you fill each moulded plastic space with? Imagine a life where you've got lots of small goals ready for you to choose from when you feel like a treat. What you have to do is make a clear picture in your mind, or on a piece of card, of what each goal will be like. What exactly do you want? How will you know when you've got it? When do you want it and with whom? How will you feel when you have it? What will people being saying when you have it and what will you be saying when you've got it? How will your life be different once it's in your life?

Do this and you'll have your selection box full of clear ideas for goals and things you want in life all set for when you are ready to chose from it. People get so hooked into having big life goals that they forget to think about all the smaller ones that, put together, can make just as big a difference.

If this is something you struggle to do on your own then find yourself a good coach and let them help you set out your very own selection box of goodies to choose from. 

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