Life is happening right now, don't miss it

Life is happening right now

Did you notice? Are you aware that with each and every moment we let go, we let go of our life? With each moment we spent in anger or frustration, we are wasting our life and we are giving up on joy and fun. 

Living in the now seems to be such a difficult task for so many people. I have my challenges too.

We are so often too busy planning our future, worrying or complaining about our past and let moments pass by being too concentrated and too concerned about life.

There is nothing wrong with planning the future as long as you are aware that life happens in the moments. In each and every single moment. 

Life happens in a great conversation when you are totally present not trying to multitask, life happens with each bite of your meal that you notice and enjoy, life happens with each and every breath as you notice how it fills your lungs, it happens in a touch of a flower, when the ocean breeze caresses your hair, it happens in a kiss, in a smile.

It happens when you notice and when you enjoy the moment.

Start living

Start to enjoy each step and you will notice that life becomes easier. That life becomes deeper, fuller and better. 

Stop just dreaming, act now!

Where have you noticed life today?

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Belfast BT9 & Dungannon BT71
Written by Denise McNally
Belfast BT9 & Dungannon BT71

Denise McNally, BSc (hons), MAC, Mbpss

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