Life is Happening Right Now – Be Careful Not to Miss It!

In life there is a fine balance between looking to the future and how you are going to achieve all that you want, whilst not losing sight of all that you have.

As a coach I would suggest that having goals and a feeling that you are making progress are essential to building self-esteem and a sense of fulfilment. However, I also believe that finding happiness in the present and being aware of all that is good in your life right now is equally important. It means that you will not take for granted all the good things that you already possess and as positivity generates more of the same, finding happiness in the present is extremely important.

Whilst feeling dissatisfied with your current circumstances can have the positive effect of spurring you into action to change the situation, more often than not it can produce a cumulative effect leading to further feelings of frustration and discontentment. We live in a culture of want and dissatisfaction. 'I wanted what they had, now that I have it I want more.' It is very difficult to find a state of contentment if we are programmed to constantly want more without ever finding a sense of harmony with what we have.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life as long as it is not to the detriment of what you already have. As John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans”.

This is it! It is not a dress rehearsal. We are here now and if we are not grasping life and enjoying the moment then we may live to regret it or run out of time altogether.

We have all had situations in our lives when something serious or significantly different from our usual day to day lives has arisen and stopped us in our tracks or changed our previously held perspective. Examples of such situations might include bereavement, a family illness or a period of reflection such as a holiday or redundancy. Although not always pleasant, these experiences often give us a new perspective. They remove the trivial preoccupations of our daily lives and allow us to see the bigger picture and all that is really important in our lives. How wonderful would it be if we could see this bigger picture on a daily basis.

We have all been told countless times to think positively and it has been shown that this way of thinking produces results but being positive does not have an “on” switch. You need to look for the positives and remind yourself of them frequently: What is good that is happening now? What are the things that you enjoy doing? Who have you got around you that you love? And who loves you? With all that life throws at us these are the foundations that will help to keep us buoyant and by keeping them at the forefront of our minds it will help create the positivity that will feed our motivation to move forward.

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