Life is an unfailing boomerang

Now when you first read the words of this title, you may say to your self what is she talking about. I go on – ''What we throw out comes back full circle.'' Again you may say to yourself that a bit obvious. But is it really?

It's easy to look at the negative sides of life and accept what goes around comes straight back around. If your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend leaves you for another man or women and years later down the line they find themselves lonely, miserably and regretful. Then we say to our-self 's there goes that boomerang.

However I invite you to take a different view of our boomerang. Yes it is true we must do on to others as we wish them do on to us. That means we don't lie, cheat, scheme or hurt others. But if that boomerang really applies to our lives and it does! Let us use it in the best possible way starting from now.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Where am I in my life?
How happy am I?
What needs to change?

This last question is where our boomerang comes into place. Making changes in our life is always the hardest at first, especially where children or money are involved.

Effort + Action = Change

Without either, change is just not possible. Now allow this to digest in your head for awhile. If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. You take action and the universe takes action with you. Whatever good things we build end's up building us.

And here in lies the treasure of our boomerang. So when you awake tomorrow think about where and in what direction you will throw out your boomerang!

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