Life coaching to understanding thought

Life coaching to understanding thought: The conscious, subconscious and creative minds.

The most conventional schools of thought believe that each of us have two minds. The conscious mind and the subconscious mind. In our conscious mind, is the reasoning, intellectual aspects of thought. The conscious mind makes decisions for us based on the five senses. The five senses are used to perceive the world and the conscious then evaluates and analyses the world.

We may think that our conscious mind works alone, but our subconscious mind is also very powerful and lies just beneath the awareness of our conscious minds.

What is the subconscious?

The subconscious is the home of emotions which therefore explains how it can dominate the conscious mind. Emotions easily can overrule the most rational part of us. There is no rationality in the subconscious. It never judges or analyses, instead simply accepting what is presented to it.

Children are mostly subconscious until they develop their conscious mind around nine or 10 years old. Childhood influences each of us massively because all information we take in before the subconscious is developed and becomes the foundation for the belief systems we take into adulthood.

When does the creative come into it?

The subconscious has the important aspect of directing the creative level of mind in its habitual behaviour patterns. This includes how we walk, carry ourselves, small details we may not have considered; all are governed by the subconscious. The world that we see and the people we encounter act as triggers to our automated behaviour. The automated behaviour is directed by our subconscious and carried out in the creative level of mind.

We react to life

The vast majority of how we live our life is actually not spontaneous but on some kind of autopilot. Most of our thoughts are the same as the thoughts we had yesterday. Recurring thoughts create the same experiences for us day after day.

This can be harmful for us because we don’t take advantage of the endless opportunities we have open to us because we are stuck recreating the same experiences again and again until we think differently.  If we want to make real and lasting changes in life we need to commit to making a change and changing these thought patterns. If the desire to change is not strong enough, then we need to go about the task of changing our mind about who we are and what we can choose to create for ourselves. Life coaching can help this happen so that changes are made at the subconscious level and then carried out at the creative level of the mind where they will be reflected in our behaviours.

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