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A Quality Item

The most rewarding aspect of life coaching is that one size does not fit all. 

Each person’s experience of the world is unique; how they interpret it, what they want from it, what emotions they feel, which things are important to them.

Therefore, the outcome and the route to each person’s desire is always bespoke.

Personally, I think that’s great but it may not be what people expect when they first enter a life coaching partnership.

Speedy Answers Equals Fast Failures

In this world of off-the-peg solutions, instant access to ‘information’, rapid results expectations and a wealth of distraction associated with it all, I find myself facing people who have forgotten that the answer is neither instant nor something that can be delivered by a Google-search.

This is where I think people miss the point about life coaching also. You cannot Google me for a quick answer and move on.

Both the answer and the effort come from within the very individual that is looking for others to fix them.

What a life coach can do is to help you to find different perspectives, options & alternatives and make you accountable.

Seeing a life coach won’t provide you with the teacher’s précis of The Dummies Guide to Self Help.

Attach your “5 easy steps to a fulfilled life” or “10 must-dos to a happier you” to the fridge door or notice board. They have their place. A nice check list of approaches. No bad thing in itself. Been there. Done it. I see their value. I feel the inner glow, too, when I read them. I, also, see the image in my head of my calm & perfectly formed lifestyle. But do they create the fire to start your action-engine?

Seeing a life coach is a process whereby you have to explore you. You can’t avoid it and I don’t in any way apologise for it.

Go Beyond the Good Read

Working with a life coach allows you to explore your options fully by:

  • Understanding what the associations and patterns are around how you feel and what influence they have in what you do
  • Appreciating, and possibly identifying for the first time, where your strengths lie and to harness those in creating your change
  • Exploring options around what you want
  • Meaningfully plotting & understanding of what you want going forward
  • Supported accountability

Tangible Change

The results have a greater chance of success because: 

  • You don’t dream. You do.
  • You understand why you want what you want.
  • You table what’s a priority and what’s not.
  • You tackle what you want with focus & meaning.
  • You care about the outcome.
  • You remove yourself from previous associations of 
  • You report back how your progress is shaping up.
  • You grow & adapt.

The Bespoke Suit Model

Is how I see the quality of life coaching.

The process of life coaching allows you to weave a quality into your life that will last.

Feel free to accessorise it from time to time. But these accessories are merely adornments. The real quality is in the weave of the garment.

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All coaches are verified professionals