Laying the foundations for success

As the warmer weather approaches, we often think of spring cleaning our homes. This might include washing the windows, tidying the garden, cleaning carpets and moving furniture, clearing rubbish, and decluttering wardrobes. Often, it might also involve tackling behind the scenes and getting things ticked off from the outstanding to do list! The outcome is worth the effort and hard work. Everything is sparkling and uncluttered and it feels fresh and new, clear and free. We feel liberated and relieved, and often emotionally light. We have a sense of achievement, success, and pride, and we are raring to go! We are ready for summer!

In coaching, the same process is also often a pre-requisite as a foundation for making the positive changes clients are about to embark on. Whether this might be seeking a new job or feeling calm, increasing confidence or making career decisions, sorting or re-building relationships or working on ourselves, dealing with difficult situations or just more generally improving their lives, they all require a springboard of clarity and order, structure and ease. So, whatever the challenge or goal ahead, it's better to start from the basis of a strong foundation.

Here are some spring cleaning life checks to be considered before moving to focus energies and resources on something new.

At home, what changes do you need to make?

Perhaps there are outstanding DIY jobs needing attention or repairs to be made. Maybe you need to freshen up a room or create order and space. Decluttering, clearing, cleaning and tidying are often required to free the mind. What is outstanding on the tasks you need to complete to feel freer and lighter? Make a list and factor in the appropriate time to lay down these strong foundations.

At work, what needs attention?

Does your work area need decluttering and to be sorted, filed and cleansed? Do you have an outstanding project to finalise to free up your thoughts? Are there important conversations needing to be had or communications undertaken which you've been putting off for awhile? Say them, have them, do them, and you will feel a sense of achievement and pride, maybe even relief!

So, at home and at work, we are getting ready to run the race. An athlete wouldn't stand at the starting point without a strong foundation of training and practice, eating well, and getting their body and mind ready. The same foundation is needed for you to be prepared for the challenge you have set yourselves also. I hope you understand the analogy. It's powerful.

Also, it's poignant as part of our spring cleaning to consider anything which is currently draining our energy. Perhaps try writing these things down. What things or people drain your energy? It's a bold step to actually review and consider these. Take one a week and seek ways to eliminate or reduce their impact. Do you need to reduce the time you spend with those people, delegating certain tasks to others, at home and work, or adjust the way you approach certain chores, emotionally or physically? Consider the steps required to improve your energy levels.

Saying no applies here too. How often are you saying yes to anything which is not in your best interest? Maybe too often! It's worth consideration.

So hopefully by now you will have some actions to undertake to spring clean your life: clearing your home and work space, reviewing energy drainers, and being better at saying no. If these are areas you are likely to struggle with, seek a life or business coach to assist, or a professional organising/ decluttering company to work with. The tasks require activity and action practically, but can also be emotional too, so just be aware. Hopefully, the outcome is positive and brings calm and joy.

You're then more ready to focus your energies on achieving your goals and living a life you love. I wish you well.

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Written by Sue MacGillivray, BSc (Hons] Life Coaching Solutions
Glasgow G2 & G41

Sue MacGillivray is a well established, extensively experienced and highly regarded accredited Glasgow-based life and business coach. She is passionate about people and supporting them to be their best self. Along with her private practice, she is a corporate consultant and a regular media contributor. She also loves butterflies!

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