KISS and the F-factor

Interest in self-improvement has continued to increase, as shown by book sales. There is evidence to suggest a scientifically-based approach is seen to have merit and publishers anticipate that the demand for science-backed self-help will grow. Having a clear and logical approach can be very appealing to some clients who may find some of the self-improvement material rather ‘woolly’.

There is therefore a sound basis to try and follow the old KISS adage: Keep it simple stupid. This article is the first in a series that suggests some of the very simple things that may seem obvious to coaches, but are less obvious to clients who are struggling to clarify, prioritise and achieve goals.

The F-factor is about the four things you can do when faced with difficult situations. I will give a brief outline here of the options.

1. Do nothing.

2. Change your philosophy of mind (but not change the situation - just how you view it).

3. Change the situation (but not your view of it).

4. Remove yourself from the situation entirely (or remove the situation - same thing in effect, but the costs may be different).

Points two and three can be combined very successfully. Point four should not be seen as a last resort. That is where many people go wrong. It should not usually be a first resort either (domestic violence etc is different). Removing yourself does not necessarily mean the end, but it could do. It may take doing four to achieve three. Many people do one. They do nothing but somehow expect things to change.

Seeing a life coach is a first step to recognising if you want to change a situation you must take action. Some clients may be interested in what a life coach can offer. Some may be interested in being interested and may need to look hard at the four options outlined above in order to begin to facilitate change.

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