Every year, a particular month celebrates 'random acts of kindness day' and it’s food for thought.

What if we were to be kind every day, as a focus, to ourselves and those around us? How good would that feel! It is certainly worth considering such a positive impact.

‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted’ Aesop.

How true is this.

I mention kindness to ourselves as a foundation for wellbeing. Being kind to ourselves helps with feeling good, calm and safe. It allows us to care about who we are too, having respect for self, providing a comfort that comes from a knowledge of what really matters and makes a difference to us. I’m talking about kindness in the form of thoughts, words, actions and gifts to ourselves and really looking after ourselves emotionally and physically.

How often might we say to ourselves things like:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’ll fail
  • I’ll never achieve that
  • I’ve let others down
  • I’ve got what I deserve.

And the like? Quite frequently and maybe regularly? Can you relate?

What kind words could you use instead?

  • I tried my best
  • I made a good effort
  • I worked hard
  • I look good.

Add to your list now so that you’re ready to replace any unkind words with kind, more helpful, more encouraging ones.

What about other ways to be kind to you? Taking time, relaxing, feeling calm and not guilty about doing things for ourselves and our wellbeing perhaps. This is not about being selfish. It’s necessary.

What things do you do for others that you could also do for you? A bouquet of flowers, a nice card, a listening, caring ear, permission to just be, a small treat or just doing whatever we need.

We can’t be all things to all people without firstly having some good energy for ourselves. So my task for you is to think of five to ten ways which you could start being kind to you. Random acts. Right now. And over time, watch and feel the impact of kindness on your soul, mind and body.

And about others. If this is a new concept for you and you take your energies inward only, try to focus on doing one, kind thing a day, or week. Often we are kind to our family but what about others? We feel good when we are kind. It can give a sense of purpose too when we feel a little lost or stuck. A raising of self-esteem can be a benefit too, for us and others.

Ideas to consider:

A card or text, call or message to someone you might not normally contact.
A sandwich or pair of socks to a homeless person.
Volunteering for a worthwhile cause.
A smile, compliment to a friend or even stranger.
An errand or chore.
Spending time with someone, a hospital visit, a box of chocolates, a caring word, a hug, a gift.

The list is endless. Add your own and monitor the effect all round of increased kindness. The benefits are bountiful and beautiful. 

And as the 14th Dalai Lama reminds us:

“Be kind wherever possible. It is always possible”.

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Written by Sue MacGillivray, BSc (Hons] Life Coaching Solutions
Glasgow G2 & G41

Sue MacGillivray is a well established, extensively experienced and highly regarded accredited Glasgow-based life and business coach. She is passionate about people and supporting them to be their best self. Along with her private practice, she is a corporate consultant and a regular media contributor. She also loves butterflies!

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