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How many times have you heard the phrase "actions speak louder than words"? More times that you can remember or at least more times than you've had hot dinners probably! (another great phrase).

Although our actions are extremely powerful, it is the thought behind the action that is the generator - the driver of everything we say, speak, create or do. Without thought we would be powerless automatons, and 'with thought' we are powerful masters of our own reality.

Like everything in the universe thoughts are, in essence, energy; each thought emits its own unique vibration or transmitter frequency.

Our minds are like mini radios; you think a thought and you automatically become tuned to the thought's vibrational frequency or station, instantly bringing you more similarly-related thoughts.

There are many universal laws which govern our universe at this time, with 'The Law of Attraction' being one of the more commonly known (and more recently, widely discussed) universal laws. This law states that 'like attracts like', with the predominant message being that through thinking consistent, positive or encouraging thoughts around any subject can help bring the essence of that subject; whatever we are wishing to have, own, be, do or achieve into our lives. Conversely, if we allow our thoughts to focus on the absence or lack of our desires, we can inadvertently attract into our lives the very essence of what we do not want or even fear.

Now, this does not mean that we need to be fearful of our thoughts. We have the power at any time to re-direct our thoughts, and just one positive one has the power to cancel out thousands of negative ones.

An indicator of how well your thoughts are serving you and helping you towards reaching your goals are your emotions; your very own 'emotional guidance system'! When we feel excited or happy, or even hopeful, our thoughts are actually creating what we want to bring into our lives in a vibrational form. If we are able to maintain this level of vibration (indicated to us by our good feelings) then we are much more easily able to attract into our lives the very things, situations, relationships and states of well-being that we have been desiring.

Of course, maintaining healthy, positive, self-nurturing, good-feeling thoughts for the majority of the time, is easier said than done!

We are all humans, with fears and foibles; and we all came to this planet to learn partly through contrast so that we would more easily be able to work out what we do want more of. So, if you find yourself in a dark place wondering "how did I bring this horrible situation into my reality?", always take a step back and take some time to see the the gift within the pain. Is what you actually want the opposite of what you are currently experiencing? If so, your gift is that you now have an even clearer understanding of what you want in your life; the gift is always there.

Without knowing darkness we would never truly know light

I would like to share with you a simple exercise from Esher and Jerry Hick's book entitled  'Ask and it is Given' to help your thoughts become more aligned with want you want in your life. It's called 'Which Thought Feels Better?"

The 'Which Thought Feels Better?' game will help you to:

  • Become consciously aware of your emotional guidance system.
  • Realise the power your thoughts have in influencing your life.
  • Make the best choice when faced with a decision.
  • Determine exactly how you feel right now about any given subject.

Example situation: You want to be in a relationship with a soulmate. After going on countless dates and not meeting anyone that seems to 'fit the bill', you have just got home from a 'date from hell'. In your opinion he failed to compliment you on your appearance, he kept interrupting you when you were speaking and was talking about his ex-girlfriend the whole time. To top it off, he was overtly flirting with the waitress.

1) Write a short statement which expresses how you are feeling at this time.

  • I can't believe I keep meeting these incompatible men, it must be something to do with me!
  • He didn't care about my feelings at all and was so disrespectful.
  • I feel like I've completely wasted my time by going out tonight, I should have stayed home.
  • Who does he think he is, speaking to me like that?! It was as if he was trying to deliberately humiliate me by flirting with the waitress! I am so angry.

2) Once you've indicated how you REALLY feel write:

'I'm going to reach for some thoughts about this subject that feel a little better''.

3) As you write each statement, indicate whether it FEELS better, the same or worse.

  • I must have looked really unattractive tonight if he had to flirt with the waitress (worse).
  • I've really wasted my time tonight (same).
  • Though at least I will appreciate it in the future when I am treated properly by a partner (better).
  • I think his inappropriate flirting was a way of making himself feel better (slightly better).
  • How could he be so rude?! (same).
  • I don't deserve to be treated like this (same).
  • I wish I didn't have to keep going on these dates (worse).
  • I actually feel sorry for him a little, as he must still be hurting from his break up  with his ex (better).
  • It wasn't all bad, he did make me laugh (slightly better).
  • This date has made me even more clear on what I do want in a partner (better).
  • At least I don't have a hang-up about my ex (better).
  • Why haven't I met my soulmate yet? why is it taking so long? (worse).
  • At least I am being asked out on dates (better).
  • I've actually been enjoying meeting new people. The guy I met up with last week was a really nice person, these dates haven't been all bad (better).
  • There are so many men out there, I am bound to meet someone to have a relationship with soon (better).
  • Whilst I am single I am finding out more about myself and enjoying the time I have building the relationship with myself (better).
  • The more time I spend nurturing myself the more likely I am to meet more compatible people (better).
  • I'm going to put less pressure on myself to meet 'the one' and take each date for what it is (better).

4) Realise that YOU have the POWER of how you FEEL about any given situation. You can turn your thoughts around, and in turn you will begin to positively impact your own reality.

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