Journaling: A good way of catharsis

Journaling is my thing!


Journaling allows us to take some quiet time. Time for us to explore our thoughts and how we are feeling in that moment, which emotions are dominant and how these are impacting our lives.

I like to do it freestyle after setting a time limit for writing. I write all my thoughts as they come, without being judgmental about them. Thoughts where usually I'd be asking myself, "Can I even think that way? Is it acceptable? Am I even allowed to express my feelings?" It helps us to have a check on ourselves, knowing which events and thoughts are influencing us more and occupying more space, which thoughts are there more often, and for how many days these thoughts remain.

When we are aware of our thoughts, it helps us to be more reflective about expressing ourselves, our feelings and emotions. This awareness has many benefits; it relieves us from everyday stress as we become aware of our negative thoughts, realising the impact these negative thoughts have on us and how throwing these away helps to clear our mind and reduce stress levels. 

It helps us to reflect on ourselves, which makes us emotionally strong and resilient. It helps us to be organised and achieve our goals by prioritising. Every one of us needs some sort of catharsis to feel calm, grounded and to let things go. It's different for everyone; for some, the religion is their source of catharsis, for others, having a certain ritual or hobby, or talking to someone whom they can trust and open up to is their thing to get positive energy and feel relieved. 

Journaling helps to keep our brain in a fit and better position. Not only does it help to strengthen and improve memory, but also by writing your thoughts down, including your worries and fears, you are freeing up space in your mind. This can help you to feel a sense of relief. You can relax and start thinking positively, which will then help you to be more productive.

The habit of journaling before going to bed can also be very effective for a good night's sleep. Make a habit of spending a few minutes of freestyle writing to reflect about your day. Was there anything overwhelming, or was there something you wanted to do differently? Did you bring any work issues with you, which are stopping you to rest well at night?

There is a high chance that after reflecting on your day and setting boundaries for yourself to deal with a situation differently, you will get a night of quality sleep. As for the mind, it's going to be enough and a relief that you listened and next time, you are going to deal a certain situation differently. 

There are many ways to let the things go which are stopping you to grow, be more productive and achieve your goals. In my opinion, journaling is one of the best cathartic methods to help you feel inner calm and peace.

Find your way of catharsis to feel relieved and relaxed, and to let go the burden of past events which you are still carrying around.

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Written by Freeha Ahmad, certified Life & Business Coach | Facilitator | Mentor
Birmingham B32 & B17

I specialised as a life and business coach and helping people since 2017 in identifying and achieving their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients and look forward to helping them. Please get in touch to learn more.

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