Job Success & Fulfilment

Do you love your job, or does your job fail to provide you with enough satisfaction and fulfilment!  

Your job takes up a big part of those waking hours. And when you do not have job satisfaction often others parts of your life will be affected in a negative way. Conversely enjoying the work you do and getting that satisfaction and fulfilment from your job can give you that all important energy.

And searching for a new job or career may be a process that is going to involve time and preparation.  Meanwhile, what do you do about your current job? Is it to stick it out waiting for something better to come along and/or do you do something different with regards to your current role and get more out of it.

One of the NLP (Nuero Linguistic Programming) presuppositions is ‘If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got’. So what might happen if you were to do your job differently?

Looking back over previous days, weeks, months and year:-

What would you of liked to of gone differently? What needs to change in the future? (make a list)
Likewise what do you not need to change?
Going forward, what could you do differently in order to achieve a different result next time?

Knowing the skills that you already have is as important as those that you want to use more
and the ones you have yet to develop.

What needs to happen for you to start getting more satisfaction from the work that you do?

Maybe you want more training, to work on new projects, or some other new challenge! Are annual appraisals enough for your personal development needs or would more regular 1-2-1’s with those who ‘you report to’ and who ‘report to you’ be for helpful? How could you get them set up?

Receiving regular coaching from a life coach for your career and other areas of your life can give you the shift in your thinking required for new solutions and greater understanding.

Only by taking action and by doing things differently, will the results you obtain change.  And by doing something different will new results be achieved with greater success, satisfaction and fulfilment.

What are you going to do differently today?

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All coaches are verified professionals

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