Is your dating empowered or needy?

Whether you're dating from an empowered place and want to know more, or a needy place and want to move to empowered, read extracts from 'The New Rules of Dating' on how to date from an empowered place:

Firstly, know your outcome. Are you dating for fun or long term commitment? If you're dating for commitment, how long are you going to spend time intentionally getting to know someone, to determine whether they’ll meet your requirements before moving on? Saying that, you need to know what your requirements are!

The definition of dating is ‘spending time with multiple people for the purpose of having fun’. I suggest dating as many people as possible to pre-qualify or disqualify, until you find someone who meets your requirements. Again, you need to know what your requirements are....

The first date should be coffee for about half an hour, then leave on a high note. If it’s going well you could have another coffee, although it’s best to leave on a high, so you look forward to seeing each other again. During the date ask ‘conversational questions’ whilst being aware of how they’re responding to you, by being aware of their body language.

Be confident! Confidence is sexy. How confident would you feel going on a date knowing your requirements, having conversational questions and focusing on Body Language? Your confidence level will be raised as you're approaching your dating from an empowered place of 'what do I want?' Rather than a Needy place of 'will they like me and want to see me again?'

Pace! The number of times you see them, answer their calls, texts.  Remember, your successfully single and living a full, happy life so continue to see your friends, your hobbies, and have some me-time.

No sex! It reduces your ability to see red flags, and you’re no longer available for the right person if you’re sleeping with the wrong person! Ladies, guys can pick up if you’re sleeping with another guy through your body language!

Disastrous date? Instead of beating yourself up and saying 'what was I thinking?', ask 'what was I learning?' Use this learning curve to improve your dating.

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