Is your car more important than you?

What is more important to you; your car or yourself?

Now, I am sure most of you wonderful readers will choose yourself. Why wouldn't you? Your car is just a materialistic item, whilst yourself, is, well you!

However, each year your car (if over three years old) requires an MOT. The MOT decides whether your car is roadworthy or not. It will also highlight any potential issues that may be coming up in the next few months which will need to be resolved ahead of the next MOT date.

In 2015, the average age of a car at scrappage was just under 14 years. The average life expectancy in the UK is 81. So each year of a human's life would be five years for a car.

A new car doesn't require an MOT for the first three years, so using the formula above, your first MOT was due when you were 15.

So, from the age of 15, how many times have you reflected upon your personal MOT? Professionally, how often have you reflected upon your current position using a professional MOT?

Some will just lease a car for its first three years and hand it back. Therefore, the car does not require an MOT whilst in their care. Unfortunately, for you, you can't just hand your life over, whether personally or professionally, and welcome a new one in return.

Fortunately for you though, you are able to change it.

If I had a problem with my car, I wouldn't know the difference from a cam belt to a head gasket (I even had to Google these). However, I know my life, and I know if changes need to be made or not. I will then look at the resources available to me and get underway making the changes I want and need to make. Putting your car through an MOT is one thing, but to ensure it is running smoothly and no further issues we even take the car for a service once a year, or when a certain number of miles have been driven.

Our car is being serviced AND being put through an MOT.

Answer this, how often do you reflect upon where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go? I mean true reflection. Sitting there with no distractions, thinking for longer than thirty minutes. 

This is just the start. Reflection is one of the most underused yet most powerful tools we have at our disposal and the best thing is you don't need to be an expert on how to use it.

What I would like you to do, if you like, is to perform a quick MOT on your personal life as it stands. Think about the following areas (and feel free to add your own);

  • career
  • family
  • relationships
  • social
  • work/life balance
  • financial position
  • health
  • fun
  • travel
  • personal development
  • time management

Next to each one, just mark it with the following: P - pass; A - advisory; F - fail.

If everything is going well and you are satisfied, then pass it. If there are issues which are perhaps not quite causing problems yet, but could do if not dealt with, give it an advisory, and note what the advisory is. If the area is unsatisfactory and there are issues to deal with then fail it, and again note the failure down.

If you take your car to an MOT, the MOT will pass even if there are advisories. The advisories are there to make you aware of potential issues and to resolve them sooner than later before they become a bigger problem. It could cause you more money if you allow the part to break completely, or worse, be involved in a car accident.

If the MOT fails you will need to get the work repaired, and re-tested within seven days. Your personal MOT should be no different. Face your problems now you've identified them, and go to work on them. You may need to get in someone to assist you in overcoming the potential issues, and that is where you could find a coach extremely valuable. 

Yes, it will cost you money. What you have to weigh up is what is more important and where do I want to be heading in this life of mine? You could leave it, but that problem may result in a major accident. It may not be financially impactful, but emotionally it could drain all your energy and other areas may suffer.

Or, you could source a coach, find one you have a good rapport with, and get working on your challenges right away. Coaching is a positive experience, and as a coach, I find it extremely rewarding seeing people change and become their true selves.

So what is more important; your car or your life? When will you be taking your next MOT? Make sure to book it in, either every six months or annually. Either way, don't let those advisories becomes fails and, if they do, don't let them become a major problem.

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