Inner laziness

When we think about the word lazy it conjures up a couch potato image or a picture of someone that doesn't like doing too much, or working too hard, that's how we usually see the word lazy.


What about our inner laziness, where we have shut down our potential and don't even think about the possibility of achieving or being more than we already are?

The mention of something outside of our regular routine as a possibility can be daunting and the response can often be, "I can't do that", or "I'm not good with tech", or "I don't understand that". 

We are not even aware of our own inner laziness, because we are living our lives habitually, accepting the life that we know, thinking it's either good enough or we live a "this is my lot" in life, so we are never conscious of inner laziness. It never comes up and we live life in a kind of dull bubble, without questioning our true purpose or potential.

The thought of a more fulfilling and more interesting life can even seem scary and we would rather choose our comfort zone, after all we are so used to being "us", that anything more than that, is blocked from our thinking.

We become so used to our limited ways that we don't question our existence. Stepping outside of our regular daily habitual life can be way out of our comfort zone.

We are not aware that we have boxed ourselves into one way of being and one way of thinking, accepting an identity that comes with our own personal manual.

In fact we don't see it as limited, because we don't see it at all. It's not questioned, it's the way it is and that's who we think we are, period. It's fine and wanting or achieving more is for others, it's not for me, we tell ourselves and "I'm not so good at that kind of thing" is a pattern that we become stuck in.

It's a choice that becomes a blockage which we are not even conscious of.

In most cases we stay on that same path and wonder why life becomes less joyful over the years, why it's the same Monday as last Monday and why our lives are predictable.

That's when people start questioning their purpose, when they realise they have accepted life as an ongoing treadmill, a life that loses zest and colour, you could call it, half a life.

Sometimes checking in with yourself to see if you're living half a life or your full potential is not only healthy to explore, it's necessary.

We don't grow and our relationships don't grow unless we question that inner laziness and make that first move towards adding something new into our lives, something that will shake us out of our daily routine.

Once you take that first step, you will want to explore more and life will become more adventurous, more pleasurable and suddenly things will change for you and for those around you.

That's how it works and finding a purpose is something my clients often want to talk about.

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Written by Leon Kammer, Leadership Confidence Coach - ICF Accredited
London W1K & SW3

My own experience of life has been what drove me to coaching and I have been fortunate enough to have many of them, from living in six countries to being involved in diverse businesses, always the entrepreneur.
This has afforded me a good understanding of people and the ability to help them to creating better careers and better lives.

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