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Annie's Top 6 Tips for Lessons in Love.

Are you in a relationship that has hit a rocky patch or are you out dating and getting fed up with not meeting the ideal one?

Ok, so here's the thing, many clients come to me saying they have not met the right person, even though they are pretty social and some feel nervous as they are back on the scene after a split up or divorce and some say they are feeling stuck in their relationship.

Whatever the issue, the thing is many of us don't seem to be clear on what we do really want, and if we are not clear how can we obtain it?

Its essential;

1. Get clarity
2. Set your intention
3. Give up good for great
4. Get honest with yourself

We deserve the best, and if we settle for less, we always get less than we have settled for.

Its so easy to stay in a situation we are unhappy with or to go from person to person feeling unfullfilled. Time moves so fast, and sadly time waits for no one.....so;

5. Make a clear list of 6 qualities you want in a relationship
6. Check you have these qualities yourself
7. If the goal of yours is good, what goal would be great?
8. What action are you going to take

We must check out with ourselves; Are we happy spending time with ourselves? As lets be honest if we aren't, why would we expect anyone else to be happy spending time with us?

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