How you know you're living a life you love

Does the idea of living a life you love resonate with you? 
How important is it to you to live such a life? 
And how close do you feel you are to it? 
Read on to find out how you know you're living it!

So what IS a life you love?

Unsurprisingly, a life you love is whatever it is for you.

It has plenty of the things, activities and people you love in it. Plus, you have at least some control over how you're living your life. And you have made your peace with the things in your life you can't control, or don't love all that much - and you have effective ways of getting through them.

Typically, a life you love has things and people that really matter to you at its core:

For example, it might be focused on meaningful work. Or balance earning a living equally with time for your loved ones, your passions and your self.

It might be paced at a rhythm that suits your nature, have your own, perhaps alternative, professional practice at its core, or strong spiritual notions at its heart.

 I am definitely with Gerard Manley Hopkins here: Living a life you love has something to do with 'doing what you are' or 'doing what you're meant to be doing'. 

So - are you living a life you love?

Find out by ticking all the points below that apply to you and your life as it is today:

  • You are clear on what you’re about and where you’re going in your life.
  • What you do feels aligned with who you are.
  • How you live suits your natural rhythm; you live a balance that feels right for you. 

  • There's at least some aspects of your life that give you a sense of purpose.
  • You feel connected to others and to something greater than yourself.
  • You are a conscious, empowered, active player in your own life.
  • You get satisfaction from expressing your talents, interests, and yourself. You feel able to stand at your full height.

  • You have strategies, tools and people to help you through the tough times. 
  • You feel generally happy and satisfied with your life.

  • You radiate the life you love; other people comment on how well and happy you look.

How many did you tick?

If you've ticked 8 or more points, you're very likely living the life you love - I am very happy for you :-) 

If your score is between 6-8 points, there's likely a few elements of your life that you're very happy with, as well as others that you're less happy with. What are they? How would you like those to be instead?

And if you've scored 5 points or under, you're likely to be longing for a life you love, but not quite seeing it happen in your current life.

And what next?
Now, consider this:

  • What are the elements of the life YOU love?

  • Which ones are in place, and which ones are you still aspiring to?

  • Which single one could you do something about today, to make a difference to how much you love your life?
    And what could you do?

If this has tickled your interest, and you want to find out more, here's what you could do:

  • Find out if you're ready to make a change in your life with my fun little quiz: .
    (There's a free, valuable prize for you at the end of it, too!)

  • Read more about my structured and intuitive coaching programme 6 Steps to the Life You Love:

  • Email me with your feedback, comments or questions on

I'd love to hear from you - thank you for your interest!

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Twickenham, TW1
Written by Monica Castenetto
Twickenham, TW1

Monica Castenetto is a life coach, workshop leader, speaker and writer on all aspects of personal change and living a life you love. An Italian grown up in Switzerland, she has lived in London for the past 16 years. Her first book, What's Your Excuse for Not Living a Life You Love? is out now.

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