How to transform fear into courage

Comedian Peter Kay received two BAFTAs last week for his amazingly funny TV series 'Car Share'.

His recent stand up tour played to over 1.2 million people. When interviewed he said he had felt nauseous with nerves every one of the 113 nights. However, here’s the thing, he still showed up each night and gave it 100%.

Steve Jobs was known to berate his design team if he ever felt that they were not giving 100% for fear of their work being rejected or criticised.

Arianna Huffington was broke, alone and unable to pay the rent, yet her passion for writing her first book overrode her fear of not having the rent that was due. She has an estimated worth of $50 million.

All these three top achievers knew that their vision and making a dent in the universe was more important than their ego being stroked or fear of criticism or rejection.

The more we increase our confidence, the more courageous we become.

We will walk through our fears and like so many top achievers, not allow fear to trip us up or allow our negative emotions to control us.  

Whatever your stage, are you ready to step onto it?

Walking through fear for the first time can be scary. It could be a public talk, asking for a pay rise,  raising your fees with clients or snowboarding down a mountain.

Don't analyse it, the longer you stay static, the harder it gets, because your mind gets involved.

Stop labelling yourself and advertising your weaknesses.

Don’t turn an excuse into an identity; e.g ‘I’m a fearful person’ or ‘I’m just not a strong person’. If you do this, then the label becomes part of you and starts to control you.  

Reframe and say ‘I can and I will’ or ‘I haven’t done that before, but hey it’s possible’

Peter Kay, Steve Jobs and Arianna Huffington; like so many other top achievers admit to being scared but they take action anyway, and that’s how they become courageous. 

Always remember; what you practise, you become.

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