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How to survive your first Christmas after a breakup

Your first Christmas after a relationship breakup doesn’t have to be a terrible one. You’re bound to experience conflicting emotions and intense feelings, but there are lots of self-care tips you can plan to ensure you enjoy the Christmas period.


Make sure that you plan what you are going to do well in advance and that you arrange to keep busy over the holiday period. Try to be as organised as possible and be constructive with your spare time so you don’t have time to brood.

Don’t worry about what your ex-partner is doing or who they are spending it with; try not to let any negative feelings (anger, jealousy) about your ex get in the way of enjoying yourself as this is your break too.  

If you have children, it’s important to communicate with your ex about the arrangements for the holiday period in advance, ensuring the children are looking forward to the break. It can help to reassure the children that you will be OK whilst they are spending time with your ex, that you have plans and will not be sad or upset.


Prior to the Christmas break, it’s party season. If you haven’t got a company party or a networking ‘do’ to go to then it might be exciting to throw your own party. You can throw themed parties; a fancy dress, chocolate or pamper party. If everyone brings a bottle and a plate of food, hosting a party doesn’t have to be too expensive.


One of the options available is to go away on holiday.  Enjoy some champagne by the swimming pool on Christmas Day, and on New Year’s Eve enjoy the party organised by the hotel and all the new people you will meet.

Alternatively, if you lead a hectic life, you could decide to spend the time on your own and have some quiet ‘me’ time. Stock up on your favourite foods, a good book and some classic DVDs and relax.

Treat yourself

Don’t forget to buy yourself a present such as a beauty treatment, a massage or a new outfit, something that you will thoroughly enjoy and wouldn't normally buy for yourself.


If you have other single friends who are going to be on their own over Christmas, you could get together and have a house party. Why not play some board games such as Scrabble or a Murder Mystery? If money is an issue, make a pact not to buy each other presents and share the cost of food and drink. Sometimes presence is better than presents.


Another option is to volunteer to work for a charity over Christmas. You could help provide lunch at a homeless shelter, cuddle dogs at a local shelter or visit a lonely elderly person in need of company and a little festive cheer. Volunteering can be highly fulfilling and you will meet a host of new and exciting volunteers.

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