How to Regain the Sparkle in your Life

The car will not start, laundry mounts up, food keeps disappearing from the cupboards and your job is a bore!

Life can sometimes be a roundabout of meaningless annoyance and you feel as though you are walking up the down escalator.

The list of things that you should do continually outweighs the list of things you want to do, ten fold. On you trudge.

It’s no surprise you have lost touch with friends and feel you are not exactly a joy to be with. At home confrontation with the children erupts daily as you find fault with their dress, attitude and food they eat.  You dress for comfort and convenience, blending into the background. 

Do you want this situation to change?

Think back to a time when you did what you wanted to do. Boring tasks were a means to an end, with definite light at the end of the tunnel. You had clothes you loved and you wore them all the time.  Guilt did not accompany an afternoon of idleness and laughing out loud was the norm not the exception. Where is she now, that sparkling self assured person?  Worry not, she hasn’t gone far and it is within your power to shake her loose.

1. Take a good look at your self – your hair, skin and nails.  Is there any part of your appearance you can improve  immediately? Ask yourself ‘is my diet adding to my malaise’? 

2. Consider the positive areas of you and your life; the things you are grateful for.  Start each day by acknowledging five great things in your life.  Permit the day to unfold with joy not dread. TAKE ACTION TODAY.

3. Time to let go of the past and move on.  The past is, as it is, and can not change.  Holding on to unhappy
experiences will wear you down.  Do not let the past hold you back. Take the lesson it offered, and move on, as you have new choices to make today. TAKE ACTION.

4. Anger and resentment are harmful to your spirit and therefore your health. Time to forgive yourself and anyone you hold a grudge against. TAKE ACTION NOW.

How would your life be if you believed that things happen for you and not to you? Take control by deciding what you want from life.  Ask for it and believe you can have it.  Dare to be thankful in advance when visualising things as you want them.

Change starts in the mind. By being prepared to change, and taking action, you have given yourself the power to regain the sparkle in your life.

Start today – take action.

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