How to reconnect with your deeper self and find inner peace

Today, many people struggle to find ways to rest, to calm down and regenerate. Many of us are in a wheel, running faster and faster, without seeing an escape. We’re exhausted guinea pigs.


For most people today it is hard to let go. Our need for control is blocking the true expression of our deeper intelligence, intuition and the natural flow of life. We struggle because we don’t trust.

If we could only accept that we are in constant training in this life and that our only job is to welcome what comes our way, to deal with reality with an open heart rather than with fear and stress. Fear is a natural response to danger but we are designed to go through fear in a brief moment and come back to peace. Most of us are spending a substantial part of our lives in this state of 'fight or flight'. This has a devastating effect on health, energy and motivation. Survival mode can’t be sustainable in the long run.

For many, there is a real question about the purpose of life, about who we are and what we are doing here. Are we here by chance, or is it something else? Do we feel a deeper connection to something greater than us? Can we let go of control, knowing that something has our back? We doubt a lot and question everything for a reason. The actual state of our world can be very frightening indeed and because we feed ourselves with media daily news, it is not surprising to live in fear. Allow yourself to take distance and choose what you listen to. Staying informed doesn’t mean staying in front of television for hours listening to the same scary news over and over again. We need to decide what is good for us and what locks us up in a loop of stress.

So what can we do?

  • The first thing is to breathe, consciously, inhale and exhale to come back to the present moment and disconnect the constant noise of negative thoughts in our head.
  • Another very useful thing to do is to come back to a safe place inside. What happens to you is not who you are. There is a place that is calm and peaceful within you. Imagine a big storm on the surface of the ocean and you dive deep enough under the water and suddenly, everything is calm again.

It means that you need to take some time out, regularly; what I call TFM (time for myself). These times are for you only, disconnected to everything else. You take the phone, the computer, the people out of it for time periods of no more than 5 minutes. If you start doing this, you will rapidly notice the difference that it makes.

Find time to rest, quietly, even if it’s in the middle of the noise and agitation of the world, in public transport or at work. The more time you spend inward rather than outward, the more you can reconnect with your natural state of calm and joy.

You may feel that finding a deep connection with yourself just isn't happening, or perhaps you are struggling to re-connect to the inner wisdom you were once able to access. A spiritual life coach could help you to navigate your way to a more peaceful state of wellbeing.

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All coaches are verified professionals