How To Play The 'Yessing' Game

Once an unwelcome feeling arrives what can you do? Deep breaths? Let it all out? Pretend it's not happening? Attack the stimuli that apparently caused it? Most people try all these strategies in attempt to either escape from it or to repel it, but what if you actually do the reverse? What if instead of treating it as an enemy you actually allow it in?
When you label it as fear or any other emotive term and stand in opposition to it see how it hijacks your thoughts. Of course, when a lion jumps at you this is a useful reaction but how often does that happen?

By simply allowing the feeling whatever it is (Note allow not accept; for accept implies a sort of resignation) see what happens. What can be experienced is that there is a sensation in the body - nothing more!. Once this is allowed, notice how it dissipates of its own accord. This can be an empowering realisation.

I call this 'Yessing', saying yes to whatever is happening. Try it next time you experience the first curdle of unhappiness.

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