How to make a vision board that works

Want to know how to make a vision board? There are LOTS of ways to make a vision board.

It can be very simple.

It can be a physical board that you hang on a wall.

It can be a digital dream board for your phone.

It can be on your I-pad.

Learn to be still, be quiet, open, and give yourself the chance to really listen to what is in your heart.

How can you manifest what you want if you don’t know what you want?

Before you start creating your vision board ask yourself this: Exactly what is it that I desire?

Some people know immediately. Others have only vague wishes such as more money or a new car or a healthier body. By going deeper you can ask questions. What will you do with more money? In what ways will it improve or enhance your life?

This method is simple. You’ll be amazed at what you discover when you go through the process to actually think about where you are and define what really matters to you.


Begin to choose images you are drawn to. You may not know why. Have fun cutting, lay them all out, and choose those that really appeal to you. Go with your gut instinct. A pattern may develop, now or later, and you can add to or change the pictures on your board as your vision becomes clearer.

Instinct will lead you.

Go over and appreciate what you have done and refer to it often seeing and relating it to what is happening in your life. Gradually you will gain more clarity, see and feel new directions and have new energy to be confident in your decisions.

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