How to look after your well-being as a therapist, coach or healer

One of the questions that I get asked a lot when people find out what I do for a living, is "how do you look after your own well-being when working so closely with clients?".

Truth be told, it took me a while to get to grips with it myself. When I first started coaching, I was so concerned with creating a great structure for my sessions and making worthwhile questions for my classes that I was constantly physically and mentally exhausted. I was drained. I was working none stop for my clients, desperately trying to get everything right for them. Never wanting to let anyone down. I expended vast amounts of energy and my own spare time to aid my clients. I was doing everything! The only thing I wasn’t doing was following my own advice. In my efforts to be productive, I was being anything but.

We, as coaches, therapists and healers take on a role almost as a caregiver in the way we nurture, support and share our own energy with our clients. We emit a strong frequency of love, passion and positive regard through the unspoken word. But we also easily, without noticing, absorb their energy like a sponge.

When a client comes to me, when they are feeling really low and offload on me I used to get so emotionally absorbed in their problems and issues, that I absorb all of their hurt and pain and end up feeling really depressed myself; the emotion of it felt heavy on me, like a shadow following me around.

I knew I needed to set boundaries and to look after my own well-being. I had been trying to fix instead of facilitate. Spending every chance I had working; emailing, researching, studying and training to broaden my knowledge. I needed to focus on my own need to recharge and reboot my energy system. I needed to meditate, walk in nature or do any of the things that recharged, grounded and centred me. I began to take on the emotional burden of my clients and my energy centres had become unbalanced. I began feeling dizzy, emotional at times and way out of sorts.

Being able to manage your own well-being and energy is such an important skill to have. Throughout my years of working in therapeutic environments I have seen this first hand, and now I feel I understand this, it is all down to managing my own chakras.

A chakra is an energy centre of the body that holds infinite information that is key to all of our feelings, thoughts and emotions. These combined with the energy we emit from within ourselves and the energy we receive from the world, to create our own individual characteristic behaviour.

When our chakras become unbalanced they don’t vibrate at the correct frequency, so that the vibration, pulsation, spinning and oscillation could be moving too fast, slow and sometimes even in reverse.

These seemingly small changes in our chakras affect our characteristics, often leading to higher feelings of stress, worry, insecurity and even lowering our immune systems. As the energies move and flow, any imbalances are extenuated and the energy gets blocked. The effect of this would spark a noticeable change, as your life may become unbalanced. You may find yourself struggling with finances, employment, health and you may feel bored and listless as your purpose in life loses direction.

You may not feel like yourself, with a lack of confidence and self-esteem. But when your chakras are aligned and the energy is restored and flowing correctly through your body you can open up a whole world of possibilities and happiness. Your dreams and plans start to take shape you have a deeper and stronger connection with others. The chakras are the keys to a happy, fulfilled life, filled with love, connections, choices and options. You will live how you are supposed to live.

I have witnessed this first hand, personally feeling both sides of this effect, both positive and negative and I can vouch for the difference having unbalanced chakras have on your day to day lives.

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