How to get back your Motivation Mojo

When you speak of an idea to do something or take action in some way, have you found in the past people have responded to you in a particular way? If these people are your closest friends or family, it can be really difficult to ignore their advice and opinions, especially if they have your best interests at heart.

Other people’s opinions can have a profound influence on our progress. Subconsciously we take in their negativity and therefore attach their beliefs to our own, even though there was a point where we were feeling the opposite beforehand!

Unfortunately people’s opinions are very much based on their own experience and reality, but the error here is that what didn't work for one person doesn't necessarily mean it won’t work for another. Taking the decision to go about things regardless is both brave and important.

Building up awareness about this mindset is key, because you can decide what to mindfully accept as good advice and what isn't. If you are working around others during the day, notice how it makes you feel when someone speaks of negativity. What could you do to re-frame what they say in your mind to make it sound more positive and avoid being brought down to their dense and complex thought vibrations?

How to get back your motivation mojo:-

What three things could you do today that would help you along your way to feeling in balance with your inner core, in harmony with your deep-rooted thoughts and at peace with your unique self? Take a moment to write down at least 3 things that you want to achieve by the end of 2012. What would really benefit you, make you feel proud of yourself, elated, excited to be alive?

Close your eyes and see your future; move ahead to 10 years time.

How do you feel about yourself?
What do you see yourself doing?
What do you see yourself not doing?
What one thing would you regret not doing by this time?

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Written by Caroline Rushforth, Mind Empowerment Coach
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Do you frequently worry or have a restless mind, unable to switch off?Do you feel overwhelmed, get easily triggered or feel stuck in a loop of negative thoughts?Do you lack time to do the things you love, stifled by the pressure of “needing to get things done”? I know what it’s lik...

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