How to create daily momentum

Momentum can be the great exaggerator. It can make some people look more advanced than they are, it can progress others further along their path at a far higher pace. 


Without momentum, even great leaders, great teams or generally great individuals can look like they're struggling.

Momentum is your responsibility

If you are waiting on something to motivate you to get going, then you're setting yourself up to not achieve what you set out to achieve. Motivation is a variable, which isn't consistently available. There are times you need to apply effort and push through with the task. 

If you have generated enough momentum, those tasks appear more manageable than if you were to try and plough through them from a standing start. Take a train for example. If the train is stationary but had a concrete wall in front of it, then the train isn't going anywhere fast. However, if that train is going at a great speed then it will plough right through. It may go off the track slightly, but momentum is far easier to steer than it is to get it started. However it doesn't have to be difficult to get started you just need to ensure you start small, at the right level for you. 

In a world where social media and the internet allows us to compare our position with others, we naturally feel drawn into where they are and try to jump the huge gap. Rather than landing on the other side, we fall into the gap and have to start again. Feeling demotivated, and doubting ourselves.

Dream big, start small, but most importantly start. Nothing was ever achieved without starting.

Daily momentum

I like to look at momentum on a daily basis, by being consistent with my mornings. I love mornings. This wasn't always the case, I can very much assure you of that. I trained myself to be more productive in the morning, to even enjoy it. I don't believe there is a 'morning person' or an 'evening person' - it is just how we have adapted over time, and what habits we have embedded. 

I have two young children, if they get up before me I struggle! I haven't built any momentum and struggle to get going. It is my responsibility to get going, but it is more difficult to do so. Fortunately, that rarely happens, because my alarm goes off before they are awake, and this allows me to get a head start on the day, and have that momentum behind me, spring in my step and ready to go. 


My morning routine

Firstly, it is our responsibility what we do in our mornings. If you want to wake later then that is fine, but make sure you are consistent with it. You have the same time as everyone else, so if work starts at 8am, then get up earlier for example. 

Currently, I get up at 5am. This is a choice, I appreciate that, but it allows me to get in what I need to do. I use an alarm clock not my phone. Why?

It is far too easy to be tempted to get my phone, and start scrolling. Not a good start if I want to create momentum. With the notifications on my phone, I could easily get distracted and waste time. The phone is not in the bedroom - this also helps with getting good quality sleep as I am not on my phone before going to bed. 

Once up, without snoozing the alarm... I jump into a cold shower. Sound crazy? There is some thought behind this, well in my mind anyway... Jumping in a cold shower isn't something I think is the most enjoyable experience in the world but it means I do something first thing that I don't really want to do! 

I know that if I have completed something I don't want to do first thing, I can do other tasks that I don't really want to do in the day. I have generated some momentum which will make those 'obstacles' easier to overcome. The other benefit is that it really wakes me up and does actually make me feel good.

Next I get my head into whatever book I am reading. This gets my brain working early in the day and I am always looking to learn new things. The great things about reading great books is the amount of knowledge which is gained.

After I have completed reading, which is for 20 minutes, I either go for a walk, or a run. On running days the shower comes after the run, but is still cold! I alternate between running and walking. It allows my body to get moving, so I have now activated my mind and body. I used to run with music pumping into my ears, but now I prefer to run without any music. It allows me to be mindful, and have various thoughts and ideas that I can contemplate. If I do fancy some 'noise' it will be a podcast or audio book.

The final step of my morning routine is to note down my three priorities for the day. The things that I must do to progress forward. I also make a note of something I want to be and do that day. This allows me to seek those opportunities. 

With this momentum built, there will be various external distractions which could attempt to knock me off course, like the train but I can steer myself quickly back on course. 


What is your current morning routine? 

How do you ensure you are setting yourself up to progress each day? 

What do you need to do to prime yourself for optimal performance? 

Find a morning routine that works well for you to create unstoppable momentum, and most importantly remain disciplined to see that morning routine through. 

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