How to cope when life throws unexpected things at us

Life can sometimes throw unexpected things at us and when this does happen we can feel overwhelmed, uncertain, anxiety and out of control. Here is a list of things to help with changing your mindset when you are feeling overwhelmed:

1. Try meditation, even if you are a beginner, it is proven that 10 minutes a day can relax the mind and body leaving us refreshed and more relaxed. Meditation is great for helping with sleep too.

2. Grab yourself a journal and a pen and write down your thoughts, make a couple of lists, the first list about life now, then the second list how you would like your life, then you will be able to see clearly what changes you really would like to make. Once this is done, you can then start to prioritise the most important things to you and one by one, you can work out a strategic proactive plan. This will release so much pressure, your head will become clearer and your journal will become your thoughts. 

3. Be kind to yourself - the most important time is now, making time for play, rest and doing things you love is all about being kind, turn down your negative thoughts and raise your positive vibration. 

4. Set realistic goals - be ambitious but don't be taking to much on, this will just over face you and end with a downfall. 

5. Please remember it ok not to be ok, and it is a strength to ask for help, whether this is friends, family or a professional therapist.

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