How To Be Happy

10 Tips to Happiness

1) Memento Mori (or, Remember to Die)
Yes its dramatic, but it's coming. This is your one life, and remembering that every once in a while should shake you up and remind you of what's really important. What do you want? What is really important to you? How do you really want to spend your precious time on earth? Who with? What if you got diagnosed with a terminal illness tomorrow? How would you want to spend the last few months of your life?
Life is short. Make it the life you want.

2) Remember Your Dreams
... the ones that make you tingle, that make you scared and excited in equal measure. Whether it's learning to tango or opening a guest house in Nepal, don't let your dreams die... they are the things that keep us alive.  Not all of our dreams are meant to be born, but we all have a few that secretly, we are just dying inside from not bringing to life... you know yours.

3) Do the Things That Scare You
Pushing our own boundaries makes us feel alive! We are so held back by our fears - pushing through brings vitality, courage, and confidence. Feel the fear and do it anyway...

4) Have Fun
... for goodness sake!

5) Be Authentic
Be yourself. There isn't anyone else like you on earth, and you have the right to be exactly who you are. When you are living in full alignment with your dreams and values, rather than the expectations of family, friends, or society at large, this is when we feel fulfilled. 

6) Be Kind to You
Noticing how hard we are on ourselves is the beginning of being compassionate to ourselves. Far too often, and almost without noticing, we treat ourselves much more harshly than we would ever treat another. Learning to care for and value ourselves in a soft and forgiving way is not only vitally important, but makes life a much more pleasant experience.  You'll be amazed at how much more centred you'll feel, and how much more loving you'll feel towards others.

7) Love Your Loved Ones
Love the people who matter to you. Don't just think it: say it, show it, demonstrate it every day. Love will never run out: the great thing about it is, the more you give, the more you'll get.  Over and over again, people facing death keep shouting back the same message: at the end, its all about the people in our lives, not possessions.

8) Let Your Juices Flow...
If parenthood, work, and being married too long have taken their toll on your sex life, now is the time to shake it up and put the sparkle back into the bedroom (or the kitchen, or the broom cupboard...!)  When your sexual energy is flowing, your creative energy flows too, bringing more aliveness - and fun and naughtiness - back into your life.  And if your sex life is vibrant and fulfilling now, fantastic! Invest in whatever it needs to stay that way!

9) Practise Gratitude
Gratitude is the opposite of fear and bitterness. Remembering all the good stuff in your life frees you up to be happy, rather than focusing on all the things you don't like. Even on our worst days, there is always something to be grateful for.

10) Remember You Have Choices
We all have choices - the ultimate freedom is to choose our own attitude, our response to the circumstances we find ourselves in, the ones that are sometimes beyond our control. What will you choose, for your one wild and precious life?

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