How to be a high quality woman? Part 2

As I promised in 'How to be a high quality woman? Part 1' I'm back with some more valuable advice on how to reconnect with our feminine side.

Now that we look like a lady, we also need to make sure that we act like one. Be caring, confident, compassionate, and polite, and last but not least, talk and walk like a lady. Don’t walk with your shoulders, move your hips from side to side instead.

Make sure you place flowers and candles in your home. Go to a spa at least once a month. Surprise yourself with a small present every now and then. Take yourself out on a date, use positive affirmation in front of a mirror, and get a photoshoot session that will no doubt make your inner beauty and female sexuality shine through you.

I know we women are so busy with having so much on our plates lately, but it is essential not to lose touch with our feminine side. As I mentioned before, these are just a few tips on how to help ourselves get back to the right track. We should try to make them our daily habits, and with time, they will become as natural to us as breathing.

You might be thinking right now that it is easier said than done. You are right. I’m my father’s daughter, always have been. I learned from very early stage that financial security comes first. I studied hard all my life to get where I am today. But following my dad’s advice doesn’t mean that I should forget who I truly am. I can be successful in the business world even if I remain a lady.

Are you a full-time mother that stays home with the kids? The same rules apply to you. Try to allocate some time for yourself during the day, time that is only yours. Pamper the lady inside of you, and by tapping more into the essence of who you are, you’ll feel more content and confident and will shine like never before. I’m sure your husband will notice the difference straightaway too!

I believe there are so many ladies out there who are lost in today’s world. Sometimes we get confused regarding who we are, deep down, thanks to all the different roles we need to play. We are not only housewives any more, but equal partners that bring money home, friends, mothers, and lovers. No wonder why we find it difficult to keep a healthy balance in this chaos. 

Remember: Femininity will always be in fashion!

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