How to achieve more in your small business with limited time

With so many lovely infographics and articles floating around various social media sites, it’s never been easier to get an insight into how successful people and small business owners achieve so much with the time they have. Important to remember, it’s the one thing we all have in common - the same amount of time. The busier, business owners get, the more disciplined you have to get with your time. Small business owners always need to carve out the time to work on business development and not rest on their laurels.

Here are a few strategies to help you create time to get your planning and strategy done to create a more productive business owner:

An accountability buddy

This is someone who like yourself, wants to create more business success and is committed to finding a way in which to make that happen. Supporting each other to ensure you meet your commitments. It’s well-known people who succeed, gain support from others.

It can work in many ways to suit you both. A starting point, is to share how you would like to work so you’re more productive with the time you have. You could share what you want to get done on a daily basis and clock in at the end of the day to share what you’ve achieved. This need only take a few minutes, via text, quick call, email etc.

Three daily actions

It’s all too easy to get swept up in the day and let email, phone calls, daily requests take over. Creating a list of three daily actions that are directly related to business development for your small business, will mean you take control of your day, not the other way around. Before you log on to your computer (and check emails!), take five minutes out to write down three actions you want to take that day. Be realistic and bold with the time you have (aside from the working in your business). These will keep you on track for achieving and really give your day some focus, create momentum for moving forward and help you feel like you’ve achieved when you reach the end of your day. The latter provides tangible motivation towards your business goals.

Mastermind group

Invite a group (three to twelve) of like-minded, small business owners to join you in meeting regularly, monthly, to share successes and challenges and to set business goals. As with your accountability buddy, select ambitious business owners who share common values and work ethics. Create structure around the meetings and this will provide you (and them) with a sounding board of people with common goals and challenges who will support and challenge one another to achieve more success.

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Birmingham, West Midlands, B72 1HP
Written by Clare Whalley, Meta4 Business Coaching
Birmingham, West Midlands, B72 1HP

Clare Whalley is a business coach and has been running Meta4 coaching and training Solutions since 2007. Clare used to work for a telecommunications company, resigning in 2007 (after seeing a Life Coach) to set up her own coaching and training business. She now loves to inspire others to create their dream business.

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