How much does life coaching cost? Can you afford not to have it?

These questions are likely to be two that you’ve asked yourself if you’re thinking about contacting a life coach for the first time. You are likely to be questioning the value of coaching as a way of moving your life forward and maybe you’ve reached the point where you need to do something different.


Being proactive and taking a positive approach to changing your life is an invaluable thing to do. You may have already set yourself life goals and taken steps towards achieving your outcomes. Reading this article is, in itself, a positive action to find out more about what choices you have and the impact it will have on your finances. So, if life coaching is ‘invaluable’, and could be the difference to living an indifferent life, to a life filled with choices, does this mean that money should not be a consideration?

Of course, it does not. We are living in tough times and you may have experienced a job loss, a business losing money or the stress of everyday living affecting your personal happiness. Life coaches, like any other service, need to be competitive on price as well as offering a unique and personalised approach to this life-changing service.

Prices will vary from coach to coach and, quite often, from county to county throughout the UK. You will also find that life coaches often specialise in particular types of coaching and aim their services at a niche market. You may expect to pay more for those who match your niche - but this is not always the case. Research is essential, and directories such as this one will give you an opportunity to do that with ease.

Many coaches do not advertise their prices on their websites - they want you to contact them first before they reveal their pricing structure. Many offer a range of options, including buying sessions in bulk, as a bundle. This makes sense: a coach wants to work with someone who has made a commitment to change and one session will not cut the ice.

However, you are likely to find that most coaches will offer a short, no-obligation session where you can meet and discuss the kind of goals you may wish to work on. You may not know what your goals are right now - this is quite common, and this is where a good coach really comes into their own and really earns their fee!

What should I consider before working with a life coach?

When you contact a coach to inquire about their services, be prepared and have a list of questions ready - and don’t be shy about broaching the question of price. You might find the following questions useful:

  • What is the price per session?
  • How can I pay? (cash, credit card, bank transfer, etc.)
  • Is there a discount for booking a series of sessions? (this is usually charged for in advance)
  • Ask about the possibility of money back if you decide not to complete a block booking for whatever reason?
  • Confirm what else you get for your money. For example, email support between sessions.
  • How experienced are they? How many clients have they worked with? Do they have experience of working with your issues?
  • How often are the sessions? (weekly monthly, negotiable)
  • Do they have any group work coaching sessions?

This last option may surprise you and, although it is not a solution for everyone, it can be very cost effective. Groups enable you to work on your issues with the support of other people, structured by the life coaching host. There are a number of coaches throughout the UK who offer this cost-effective option.

There are advantages and disadvantages of joining a group. Sometimes clients like some one-to-one work, using group sessions as more of an extra between their sessions. For others, the group approach is the best - it gives a wider variety of perspectives (and therefore choices) on any issue you are facing. They are also your greatest supporters who will cheer you on through your goals and achievements.

Can I challenge the price of the session?

Haggling - not considered to be a very ‘British’ thing to do but this can be a way of getting a good deal. A coach will set their fees according to what they feel the value of their service is worth. It wouldn’t be appropriate to challenge the price of the sessions but you could ask if adjustments could be made. For instance, you could agree on a price on a bundle of sessions - asking for 6 instead of the 5 on offer.

Some coaches will say ‘no’ - and that is fine as they value the time they give to coaching and believe that their pricing is right. A one-hour coaching session is invaluable. How much does it cost to pay the mechanic who MOTs your car? How much do you pay to have your hair done? For each of these services, you are paying not only for their time, but you are also paying for their experience and skill. Life coaching is no different and many coaches have spent years (and lots of money) gaining that skill to help you live a fuller, happier life.

Whatever you decide to do, do go ahead and engage a coach. The money invested in developing yourself is often the best investment you can make. Money is just a way of paying for things you need and want - it has no value if you cannot do this. It is about prioritising - we all find the money for things we want.

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All coaches are verified professionals

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