How Life Coaching Helps to Motivate People

Learning how people are motivated is a useful skill whether this is applied at home or at work.  This skill has been used by successful leaders in all walks of life, and will continue to be for a long time to come; it is worth mastering this skill yourself.

But how can you motivate people?  What can you do to keep people inspired, looking forward and moving forward?
Let me take you back in time, think back to when you yourself were a young student at school or college, perhaps in your teens.  I wonder if you can think of a teacher that really inspired you, that got the best out of you, maybe this was a teacher of a lesson that you totally enjoyed attending, or maybe a teacher of a topic where you really studied hard.  

I can absolutely sure that the very teacher in your mind right now was positive, upbeat, motivating and most importantly gave you lots of powerful and positive praise on the work you did, whatever the grade or the standard.
Whereas, if you were to think of a teacher who you disliked and maybe a lesson that you simply did not really enjoy, it is highly likely that 9 times out of 10 the teacher wasn’t very encouraging or forthcoming with positive praise.

Which one did you find motivated you more?  Most likely the one with the praise.  And this leads to the first tip if not the best tip of all.  To get someone geared up, excited, interested and motivated, then give them lots of praise and be encouraging.  Be positive whenever they do something right and find a way to be positive and uplifting when they get it wrong!  To take this a step further, what works incredibly well in a work environment, is to praise someone publicly.  Remember, a pat on the back or any simple form of recognition in front of other people, colleagues and peers is worth so much more.

Another simple way to keep people interested and inspired is to give people what I would call: controlled freedom.  In other words, when you give someone a clear task with clear goals you are, also give them a level of control, of decision making.  You can do this by giving them the freedom, space and opportunity to disagree and make suggestions.
When you both provide a goal and also allow people to work on their own inspired ideas this is a very simple and effective way to make them feel that they are both contributing to an objective, and also being valued by being given the opportunity to use their initiative.   By you taking the time and making the effort to show respect, they will really appreciate this and as a result you will get one highly motivated individual!

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Written by Natalie Dee

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