How do limiting beliefs affect our lives?

The beliefs systems that we hold ultimately influence our performance and achievement.

The dictionary definition says a belief is "A principle accepted as true or real without proof. An opinion, a conviction".

Anthony Robbins quotes “The most important opinion a person will ever hold is the one that they hold about themselves”.

Beliefs have the power to create or destroy you, and they need serious examination...

Where do beliefs come from:

• Parents, teachers, peer group, friends, family, religion. Limiting beliefs are usually formed between the age of 0-7yrs. However some can be formed in adolescence.

What do you believe about yourself? Especially what do you believe is possible?

Ultimately limiting beliefs hold us back both in our business and personal lives. Coaching is a great method combined with NLP techniques that will collapse that negative belief hence not restricting your success!

The first stage is to find out what your empowering and disempowering beliefs are.

Some you’ll be consciously aware of others you’ll have to dig deeper in your unconscious mind. It may help to think of situations that have gone well and others that haven’t gone so well.

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Preston, Lancashire, PR2 8JE
Written by Rachael Nixon, Excel Coaching
Preston, Lancashire, PR2 8JE

Welcome to Excel Coaching. Hello and a big welcome to my profile page. Firstly let me introduce myself to you. My name is Rachael Nixon and I am a fully qualified Personal coach. I trained in coaching with Europe’s largest coach training provider- ‘The Coaching Academy’. I also t...

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