How confidence coaching can help 18-30 year olds

Life coaching is a valuable service for all ages. The potential benefits can bring many positive changes to an individual's life. There is, however, a growing need for coaching within the age range of 18-30. 


Since setting up my coaching practice, I quickly noticed the number of young adults that were approaching me for help. Generations evolve, we grow up with different things and in turn face different challenges. Many of my clients were coming to me with the same challenges - low social confidence

What is low social confidence and where does it come from?

Before we dig deeper, let's first try and understand why this is a common challenge for this age range. I have just vacated this age category and I started to see the shift in society. We now live in a technological age, we can speak to anyone in the world in a matter of seconds through the use of social media apps, emails, etc. For many, it's the 'easiest' way of communicating with others, pushing the traditional methods of conversing (face to face or even via phone) down the pecking order.

It becomes a habit to log onto social media frequently throughout the day, endlessly scrolling and scrolling! You intended to go on for five minutes and then glance at the clock and an hour has passed! Now, I'm not going to sit here and slate social media because it has enriched a lot of people's lives and made huge differences for many. My point is that this new shift into the digital world has thrown up some new problems.

Comparing your life to others

This comes up a lot. It is so easy to scroll through a news feed and become overwhelmed with everyone's posts. Someone you went to school with has just landed their dream job and has just bought their first house. Meanwhile, you're still trying to figure out your 'ideal' career and still living with your parents. Now, this is just one example but you get my drift, right?

The truth is that everyone develops at different ages and reaches milestones at different points in life - your time will come if you make it happen.

The problem is, at a younger age in your life, you are still developing your resilience, still developing your feelings, and thought processes.

Struggling to talk to new people (or even familiar people) face to face

Now, it's true there may always be a small amount of apprehension when speaking to new people. You want to make the right impression. Talking to people face to face or on a phone call is different from talking on a message. Messaging allows you time, you don't have to reply straight away, giving you time to think about what you're going to say.

But, you don't get this luxury when speaking to someone 'live' as I like to call it! I have spoken to many of my clients about this and they all say that much of their low social confidence comes from not having to speak to others 'live'.

Not knowing what you want from your career

Moving on from technology, this one has been around for ages. How many of us knew what we wanted to do when we left school? I didn't! A good confidence coach (or career coach) can help you understand your strengths and transferable skills very quickly. This is so important! There are thousands and thousands of jobs out there, all requiring different ranges of skills.

Although I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left school, I did know I wanted to help others. I also knew that I wanted to run my own business someday. My point is that if you can identify and be confident in the skills or personality traits you possess, it will make your search for your ideal job a lot easier!

What can confidence coaching do for you?

Being confident is not arrogant. Confidence is being sure of yourself and your abilities. This is what a confidence coach can help you understand. The coach will help you understand your current qualities and skills, and help you to identify new ones.

Once your confidence improves, it becomes easier to work on things such as holding conversations with new people and applying for your dream job. Your coach will keep you accountable for your goals and progress, encouraging and supporting you along the way. They should be able to motivate you and crucially help you get to a point where you can motivate yourself.

The question to ask yourself is this: "What could I do if I had confidence in myself?"

For some, it would be the ability to grab their dream job, giving them the potential to afford the house they've always wanted to live in. For others, it may simply be the ability to talk to new people and meet new friends. Whatever it is, don't underestimate the importance of being confident and how it can change your life.

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Boston, Lincs, PE20
Written by Adam Craft, Helping people find the career they desire.
Boston, Lincs, PE20

Adam Craft is a Life & Career coach, focused on helping 18-30-year-olds transform their Confidence levels, enabling them to achieve the things most important to them.

Adam started Practice Positive Coaching after going through his own challenges personally. This gave him the desire to help others break through their own barriers.

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