Heroes for just one day!

Heroes are made from the same mettle that we all come from and yet our mettle seems to be uniquely tempered, to suit our personal beliefs and experiences.

What does it take to be a hero for just one day?

It’s very simple: a vision of something that’s wanted, holds personal meaning and will be positively life changing. Several ingredients are required: a strategy, the volition, the personal resources and the courage to focus on what you want to achieve. Your goal achieved, where it will take you and most importantly, what will be its personal meaning for you and those in your life? This is called motivational change and this is where heroes walk in the fields where doubt and fear flourish.

Here’s the key to heroism:

  • Visioning the goal.
  • Kicking back the boundaries and being free.
  • Hope.
  • Identification of the meaningful value of the goal.
  • Starting the journey, whilst being aware of what’s controlling you and where it comes from.
  • Having the self-belief to complete the journey.
  • Achieving the goal and feeling like a hero for the day.

Coaching can develop your inner hero.

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