Going further with mindful living

Mindful thinking and mindful leadership often speak about efficiency, performance and altogether how to better contribute to the organisation, how to get better at what we do.

We are looking here at us as beings and how mindful living can change so much more than our performance.

Well-being and health

The level of distraction, mindlessness and stress that get us most of the day has a major side effect on our health and well-being too. We evaluate today that about 90% of diseases are stress related in a way or another. Despite the food, water and air qualities, our inner state is the key factor to maintain or compromise our health and well-being.

Fear and stress are the main components of our daily life, delivered by TV, newspapers, social media and environment at large. Then people talk more about what they see and hear and entertain the worst of news constantly.

Because we are unable to focus and pay attention, we are caught in a never ending crazy dance that exhausts us. We run under stress from one thing to the other, switch activities in seconds and never allow for the natural process to take place. We are literally draining our resources.

We don’t have space to drop into the moment and therefore no space to rest, to re-energise and recover. 

A bit to do with quantum thinking

Our belief that diseases are physical is just an illusion. Nothing is physical because everything is energy. Chinese knew this, millenaries ago but our scientific based world denied these aspects from the start. We inherited our beliefs from Descartes, Newton and Darwin and the idea that our body is a biological machine and that symptoms must be suppressed. Our body is just the last link to a chain where it all starts with energy. That is where it becomes interesting. Our thoughts generate emotions which have a frequency and define the kind of chemicals produced from our inner pharmacy.

So, when looking at our health on that basis, we rather focus on our energy to keep our body healthy. At a quantum level, particles vibrate at very high speed and appear and disappear as matter many times every second. Our eyes can’t catch it and the illusion is perfect to believe that our body is solid.

We are made of 99.999999999999999% of empty space. So, health has more to do with the fabric of matter which is energy than with the illusion of matter that we call body. Waves of energy are at the core of everything.

So, the chain of actions goes from thoughts to emotions to a certain vibration that impacts the energy. That’s why energy medicine is dealing with the core of your so called solid body to change the wave of energy that runs through it.

Why mindful living has everything to do with health and well-being?

Without being conscious and aware, we can’t do anything to address our habits. Our happiness and well-being have everything to do with what we believe and how we respond to stimulus.

It can only start to change with a different kind of presence to ourselves, our life and what happens around us. Mindfulness, presence, awareness, despite the words that we use are the first steps to make a change. We don’t have to be our own victim but, on the contrary, can become our own conscious wizard to keep us awake, happier and healthier.

Whatever happens, we have the choice to react or respond to the situation. Only a little tiny space of calm can allow to respond rather than react.

Is it that simple?

It is very simple indeed but not easy. We cannot achieve change without taking the time and space to drop into the moment, to be present with ourselves.

Because our subconscious mind runs all default programmes or auto-pilot mode, all the ones that operate when we are not consciously present, it is crucial to be as present as we can in our own life.

Mindfulness, mindful living is a sure way to change the cause and effect process in life and recover a sort of self-sovereignty.

Taking breaks in our day to turn the volume of this incessant inner voice down: just breathing and being present a few times a day: recovering the best of our humanity, being alive and present to what happens inside and out.


Our body is our best ally when we know how to listen and to listen, we need to be present in it. As long as we are in the incessant flow of thoughts, we don’t hear anything.

The best news of all is that it is in our hands to wake up and land back into our body and our life.

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London, SE20
Written by Denis Gorce-Bourge, MANLP - RMT, Business, Career & Life Coach, Author & Speaker
London, SE20

I am an executive, spiritual and life coach. I spent most of my time helping people to awaken to the miracle of life as mindful beings in a realm of amazing possibilities.

With three decades of experience of various types of meditation, a life long path of personal development, I use many techniques such as Reiki, EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, Psych-K, TA.

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