Getting what you want by using what you already know

Have you ever wondered why some things come into your life easily, while getting other things is a struggle? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the things you struggle with coming to you as easily as some of the things you take for granted?

Before you read on, just pause for a moment and think of what comes into your life easily. It could be money, friendships, partners, career advancement, health, love, car-parking spots – pretty much anything under the sun. There will be something that you have in abundance and just accept that it is always there or will always be there soon – you do not feel a lack of it.

Something that comes into my life with ease is wood. I am talking mainly about logs for burning, though it extends to all types of wood which I use to make boxes, shelving, sheds, tables, mirror frames - all sorts of things.

What’s interesting here is the relationship I have with wood, because it is this that creates the abundance of it I have in my life. Here are some of the things I associate with wood:

  •  I am always alert to it – free wood is something that interests me, so I notice opportunities to acquire it
  • I associate it with fun – I am never significant or serious about wood
  • I love what I can do with it – use it for heating, and make beautiful and useful things
  • I have several tools to deal with it effectively
  • I love being creative with it
  • I have an abundance of it – there is never a shortage of wood in my life, and I trust that there never will be
  • I do not relate it in any way to my self worth – it’s just wood!
  • I let people know I am looking for it – so they bring it round, or tell me where there is some available
  • I enjoy developing mastery with it
  • I am relaxed about using it
  • I am aware of how much is being used to heat the house, but not worried by it
  • I build stores of it (log piles) and enjoy seeing them
  • I get excited when there is an opportunity to receive some
  • I happily ask for it, and let people know that I am interested in getting hold of it

Do this exercise for yourself with something that flows freely into your life and is abundant – see why you have an easy relationship with whatever it is that you attract in abundance.

Then compare your list with something that you struggle to have in your life, or perhaps in the amount you would like it. It could be, well, anything – freedom, money, relationships, work, love, car-parking slots, time – you choose.

What is your relationship with that?

Looking at money as an example, my relationship has been until recently one of almost the opposite of all the great things I associate with wood. And talking to a client recently, she was looking at why there is a lack of a partner in her life.

I would be interested to know what happens for you if you relate to the thing you perceive a lack of in the same way as you relate to the thing you have an abundance of. Putting that into practice, go through the statements about your version of ‘wood’ replacing the word ‘wood’ with the thing you have missing or are feeling a lack of.

Try it out and see what happens. It has transformed my feelings about money in the last few months, and given me a whole new freedom to be open about it, ask for it and enjoy it.

Now when I think about money, if any negative feelings about it come up, I just relate to it like wood, and enjoy it. If nothing else, you replace fear or anxiety with some fun and relaxation, and you never know, you might start attracting what you want with ease …

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