Getting going with writing

You want to write, don’t you?

You want to see your book in bookstores. Fans waiting for you to sign their copy. Your name in lights, your favourite actors saying your words. ‘And the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay goes to -‘ and then Meryl says your name!


So what’s stopping you?

It’s impossible!

Only the top five percent become the next JK Rowling or Lin-Manual Miranda.

What if you were just in the top fifty percent?

Blimey, I’d be happy with that.

No talent?

Please, like Dan Brown and E L James let that stop them.

Great writing comes from practice. And rewrites. And discipline. And sheer temerity and stamina.

What did talent get me? ‘That’s interesting’ and ‘you’re too original’. Mm.

So keep writing and get better.

Nothing to write about?

What’s important to you? What’s your story?

What makes you angry? What fills you with love and joy?

Nothing original to say? There are eight original stories in the world and they’ve already been told a million times. But not by you. Yet. Yours will be fresh, because no one’s heard it from you before.

No time?

You’re reading this. You have time. Prioritise!

Fear of failure?

The most important thing I’ve ever learned is; it’s okay to make mistakes.

Even if things don’t work out, I’m still grateful for all I’ve gained and how I’ve changed just by being on this path.

Fear of success?

I become the best writer ever and now I have to do the thing I want to do!? Brilliantly!? All the time!?

I did it once. I do know how to do it. I can do it again.

And I will enjoy my success!


You don’t have to show your work to anybody until you’re ready. You don’t have to submit anything to anyone. You don’t even have to tell folks you’re writing anything, though just by writing you’re infinitely more interesting than ninety percent of the people you know.

So go and pick up a fancy notebook, open that brand new document on your laptop, and write!

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