Get your power back

Think of a situation from your past that turned out to be a nightmare and I bet that the little voice in your head (your Intuition) began telling you (even screaming) from the very beginning "Don't do this".

We lose our inner power and often even our health when...

  • we ignore our intuition
  • we say yes to things we really want to say no to
  • we stay in relationships or careers that we know deep down will never be what we want
  • we hold onto negative emotions, thoughts, things, people, places and situations   
  • we are not fulfilling our creative side
  • we are unwilling to forgive (including forgiving ourselves)
  • our mind and heart is closed to the new and unknown
  • we're unwilling to be honest with ourselves and/or others
  • we don't allow ourselves to want what we really want... the list is long.

Now say thank you to yourself and know that you have done your best up to this point given what you knew...

The truth is we can never be anywhere except where we are... But we're never stuck, unless we choose to stay stuck.

So...what do we do now? How we move forward from here?

Get really really honest with yourself!

  • What do you really want?
  • What do you no longer want?
  • What needs forgiving/letting go of?

Where are you spending your energy?

  • How much of your energy are you still investing in your history?
  • What people, places, thoughts and situation are you choosing every day that feel like they drain you of your life force?

What choices are you making?

  • Where do you choose to not tell the truth?
  • In what ways are you being incongruent?
  • Are there any areas where you're not living with integrity?

As challenging as this can be (and it is) this is the real work that so many people don't know about or avoid. To live a truly fulfilling life that you will be proud of, this type of work is essential to the process. It's not 'if' you do this work, but 'when'.

Written and sent with love and pure intentions

All my love Aaron.

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