Get much better at saying 'no'

We are so good at saying yes that no has become something almost distasteful and something of a wrong thing to do wouldn't you agree? It can even feel like a dirty word.

In society now we have an overdeveloped "yes" muscle and that can be a really poor approach to personal self-development because you get left behind in a flurry of yes, yes, yes to the benefit of everyone else but you.

Ever wondered why you can feel burned out and that your fuel tank is low or even empty at times? Well, ask yourself this question "Am I saying yes way too much and is it mostly about others?"

If it is a yes then here is a way to consider it - Have I programmed myself to be a yes person? Have I put others in front of me unconsciously? Am I giving out more than I get back?

This is an easy habit of falling into because we all do it but some do it far less than the majority! Have a look around at the people that say yes less than you and see what you observe.

I meet many people that consider saying no to be selfish and yes you heard me right there. When I needed professional help many years ago from a CBT therapist he said to me "it is only selfish if you emotionally or physically harm someone" He was right and if you say no for your benefit that's enlightened self-interest. 

  • Imagine you are able to say "no" more and move forward in the direction you want to go what will that get you?
  • Imagine the huge power of those consistent baby steps forward where will that take you?
  • Imagine how you can serve others powerfully because of where you are getting to how will that make you feel inside?

Now that's a motivated place to be, isn't it?

Keep your fuel tank full by saying "no" much more than you do now because that's how you grow, serve others and create a powerful movement forward for you that others will follow.

So start to flex, grow and display that "no" muscle and go forward to where you have set your sights on.

You may amaze yourself by starting to use that 2 letter word.

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