Get happy: it's time to start celebrating!

When did you last stop to take a moment to appreciate your achievements? Was it today? In the last week? Last month? Or are you struggling to recall a time when you really gave yourself a pat on the back and recognised your successes?  

Life is busy and we can all spend our days rushing between various duties - work, family, friends - and not taking time to really celebrate successes - large or small - when they arise. It may be easy to find time to beat ourselves up when things don't go according to plan but for some reason, it's much harder to stop and recognise when things are going well.  

We are constantly being encouraged to set goals for ourselves - and certainly when you work with a coach, sessions are normally very outcome focussed: it's all about making progress and moving forward positively. Of course, goal setting is a brilliant way of making sure that you know where you are going and that you focus on getting there. The problem is when you reach one goal and immediately dismiss the achievement and start focusing on the next.   

It's far healthier and life is much more fun when you allow yourself to take time to celebrate the steps you take on the road to your goal as well as the time when you eventually reach your chosen destination.  

I invite you to look back on the year so far and take a note of your achievements. Remember the obstacles you have overcome and the strengths you have shown on the way. Then decide how you are going to celebrate your successes to date. Better late then never!

Then take some more time to write a list of what you are going to achieve in the remainder of the year. Visualise what you will see when you have succeeded - what will you hear and how will you feel? Then take a note of what you are going to do to celebrate your achievements. The celebration can be as large or as small as you want - it's up to you. Decide what will make you happy, what will excite you, what will make you smile when you look back at the end of the year and know that 2015 was truly remarkable. Good luck!

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