Five things I wish I'd known about confidence

If I look back to my much younger self with the benefit of hindsight, there are many things I might do or say differently.

More importantly there are some key messages about confidence I'd want to share with the less experienced version of me.

1. Trust yourself

I grew up with a secure and protected childhood, which was wonderful but may not have allowed me to develop my independence enough.

It's okay to listen to others opinions and take on board different perspectives, but trusting in my instincts and feelings should have been the most important influence.

2. Speak up, you won't look stupid

Again this is about trusting that what I have to say is as important as anyone else thoughts. There isn't always a right answer and by speaking up more I would have respected myself and boosted my confidence.

3. Your confidence will grow

I remember that scared feeling, when I first left home, when I got my first job and bought my first house.

Feeling nervous and uncomfortable in new experiences and situations is normal and I'd love to reassure my younger self that the more new experiences I throw myself into, the more my confidence will grow.

4. Everyone is doing the best they can

It seemed to me when I first started at University or in new jobs that my peers and seniors all were so confident and sorted.

I now realise that everyone is just doing their best in situations and struggling with their own insecurities. So I should stop worrying what others think and just be me.

5. Good enough is good enough

I definitely have some perfectionist tendencies and set myself high expectations. These days I have learnt to be more realistic with my intentions, which means I don't always have to do or be the best.

The freedom and calmness this has given me are something I would love my younger self to have experienced.

Having said all this, I've enjoyed the learning process that has taken me to where I am, so maybe it's better to discover these lessons for yourself?

Do you have any lessons on confidence you'd like to share with your younger self?

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