Five alcohol-free steps to get you into the Christmas spirit

As the jolly season is suddenly upon us, you’ve likely already had your first Christmas do and even though it’s been a warm winter this year, we all can’t quite believe it’s almost Christmas!

Personally, this is exactly where I am. Besides being far from ready for Christmas, I’m not too sure where 2018 has gone, I feel we were just getting started. "Getting started with what?" I hear you ask. I don’t know, but it feels like time has been speeding up without me realising.

But how do we get ourselves into the Christmas spirit that others are already enjoying, and that’s without instantly drowning our sorrows in mulled wine and mince pies?

If you're usually one for getting the tree out in November and spreading the Christmas cheer, but this year seems a bit flat, try and pause for twenty minutes or so, and think back to 365 days ago. Start thinking about where you were at different times of the year gone past.

Create a timeline

Get a piece of paper and create a timeline, writing down at least five significant events from the past year and how you felt. The events don’t have to be anything big,  just moments that have a meaning to you, whether it was a joyous moment or a difficult time. Common moments include finding a new job, a break-up, a holiday, building that Ikea pack, as long as it’s important to you.


For each event, answer the following questions: what was important about this moment in 2018? What have you learnt? What are you proud of? Who do you want to thank? What would change and why?


Step back and breathe. Asses your timeline and write down what you want more of, or want to leave behind, before you emerge into this season and the start of 2019.

The following steps are the most important to get you really in the right Christmas spirit:


Now turn on some Christmas tunes: Wham, Mariah, Lennon - anything that gives you a feeling of happiness, nostalgia or joy, and start thinking about what gift you'd like to give yourself to celebrate the fact that you survived and thrived another 365 days. At Christmastime, we’re often so consumed with buying gifts for others that we forget about ourselves. This doesn't have to be a material gift, even giving yourself time to read your favourite book is a wonderful gift.


So, let’s just embrace it. As with every other day, this season might pass us by so quickly that we could actually miss it, and we’ll end up having the same conversation again in 2019.

If there's a particular family tradition you do every year, try and plan ahead to ensure you get to enjoy this event. Make time on a Sunday afternoon to bake some mince pies or peppermint creams. Most importantly perhaps, is to stop and acknowledge the season, if only for a moment. 

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Written by Audrey Cairo, MSc, PCC, CPCC
London, SW4

Audrey Cairo is a 'professional people's person' aka a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, helping clients to rebuild their confidence, find clarity, motivation and unleash their full potential.

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