Five pillars towards leading a fulfilled, radiant and sustainable life

Recently I attended a conference called One Woman, facilitated by One of Many. This was me, taking time to invest in myself and my own personal development. As I sat with 400 other women I had the opportunity to reflect on how I am showing up as a mum and business owner.

During the conference, we were introduced to five pillars – love, vitality, wealth, vocation, network. I’d like to explore each of these pillars with my own thoughts. Starting by reflecting on the quality and strength of each of these pillars is a great way to focus on the areas which you need to be intentional about.


As human beings, we are wired to be interdependent and interconnected to others. How are you showing up in the area of love? Are you intentional about making time to invest in close relationships despite the busyness of everyday life? If you’re in an intimate relationship, do you know how you best give and receive love? One good book to explore this further is 'The 5 Love Languages' by Gary Chapman. 


Yes, it is possible to be a mum and have vitality and radiance. Sometimes this can feel out of reach, especially as it’s so common to put our own needs last. Acknowledging that self-care is not selfish but critical to enable you to function well can be life-changing. One of my clients said ‘If I don’t look after my own needs, I turn in to Monster Mummy!’ I can really relate to this. Your needs matter. What do you need to do to invest in yourself? What is essential to bring you energy and re-charge your batteries?


‘It’s not how much or little you have, it’s your relationship to it which counts’ Joanna Martin, One of Many. A few years ago I listened to a webinar which introduced me the importance of understanding my money story. We all have a money story which is the by-product of our upbringing and education around money. I come from a family of savers who buy the cheapest, my husband comes from a family of spenders who buy the best. Neither is wrong, just different.

It is possible to change your money story by working on your money mindset. One of Many by Joanna Martin is about creating some good money habits.


Since started building my coaching business I feel I have found my vocation, also known as your passion or your calling. All my experience to date, my strengths and my story have brought me to this point, the ups and the downs. When I coach, I know I am operating in my zone of genius. Operating in your zone of genius brings great fulfilment.  As humans, we crave significance, and this can be found in your vocation. What brings you alive and gives you energy? How can you take steps towards building a life which involves doing what you love? 


As humans, we are wired for collaboration and interdependency. We were not built to be alone and operating in isolation. Who is in your network where you feel supported? Your network can be built up of various elements – practical help, advice, mentors, accountability, emotional support, spiritual input, buddies. How strong is your network looking? Is it providing the support you need? Where are the gaps? It can be difficult to ask for help. Often it’s easier to give than receive. What can you do to strengthen your network?

Take time to reflect on each of the pillars and commit to being intentional. A coach can help you gain clarity and perspective and help you to create a clear plan to bring about change in manageable steps.

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