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Accepting that change is a constant in our lives will often lead to a more harmonious existence leading to contentment and a better understanding of ourselves and our behaviour.

So if the benefits are huge why do we find it so difficult to embrace change and accept that the next big change is just around the corner? The key is preparing our mind to accept change even when life is calm and peaceful.

So as Walt Disney stated, “The difference between winning and losing is not quitting” so the key is finding motivation to instigate change and then maintaining that motivation all the way through the change process.

Change can be small, such as choosing a new hairstyle or car or it can be huge for example divorce, bereavement, changing job, moving house or tackling debt or of course a hundred other things that have the potential to cause stress and anxiety.

Often the easiest thing to do is to do nothing and accept it won't be better but it's okay. So the question is, is okay good enough for you? Often the motivation will come when the dissatisfaction with the current situation becomes big enough. We then need to identify the first steps to start the change process. Maintaining the motivation is hard but key to overcoming the many potential barriers as Buddha says “the trouble is that you think you have time.”

The motivation is often easiest to find and maintain even when we are given no choice in the situation or when we are able to set a very specific plan with some very smart objectives. I read an article recently about a Jockey who suffered a horrendous fall and died three times during his initial treatment and that the press had his obituary written and ready to publish. Against all adversity, he survived. Much to the consternation of his family he announced he was determined to race ride again despite spending the first six months of his recovery stuck at the age of 12. Now an extreme situation but out of it came very clear plan and masses of motivation.

This is a valuable lesson that to find motivation, to set goals and change behaviour we often need a catalyst hopefully not one as extreme as this one. It might be the straw that breaks the camel's back and the one thing that probably isn't the biggest issue but it may be the one that really winds you up. The dissatisfaction with the current situation has just got big enough.

Now the key to understanding how and when to embrace change in your life can be determined by your personality type and how you live life, more in the present or like to look into the future and create plans. When the catalyst happens you often need some help or guidance to support the change and make it stick. 

If you would like to understand more about personality profiling or engage someone to help you with the change or finding and maintaining motivation then consider getting in touch with a coach.

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